New Injury Claims Advice for Clients in the Nottingham Area

New Injury Claims Advice for Clients in the Nottingham Area

As part of our commitment to serve the entire United Kingdom and all residents and workers in the country, we are starting to develop area specific pages for certain towns and cities.  Previously we blogged about how we had done this for the city of Liverpool, which is part of larger plan to develop content in that city, but today saw our first venture into the East Midlands.

As part of our development and support for people in that part of the UK, we have developed a page on the Accident Claims Web which is purely for those living and working in Nottingham.  So far we have two new pages to tell you about.

Firstly there is the landing page which is just for all forms of accident claims in Nottingham, and then we have expanded that out to include a sub-page about accident at work claims in Nottingham.  We hope that you find both of these resources useful.

If we hear good feedback on this approach to localising content for those needing a personal injury solicitor then we will be expanding the Nottingham pages to include more specific injury claim types and will also create new content for other cities.

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