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Below are just a selection of our most recent blog posts and news articles for personal injury.

Thousands Suffering from Unsafe Breast Implants to get Compensation

Posted in: Medical Negligence Negligent Cosmetic Surgery 
negligent breast implant cosmetic surgery negligence solicitors

A court in Paris has ruled that a case, brought forward by 2,700 women, is eligible to award damages to victims of the PIP breast implants scandal. After 10 years of being declared unsafe, these women are holding the manufacturer, and the firm that negligently certified them safe, responsible for their long-term health conditions. They […]

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Man Convicted of Murder in Scotland After Criminal Defence Trial

Posted in: Criminal Injury and Assault 
Criminal Injury & Assault - Injuries from attacks and crime

News from Scotland, where a man has recently appeared in the Glasgow High Court after the murder of a man in Peterhead. The man has received a life sentence, being told by the judge that he should serve at least 14 years for the crime. The criminal defence lawyers representing the man had already represented […]

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New Content Added to the Accident Claims UK Website

Posted in: Personal Injury 
accidents claims uk personal injury solicitors

We’ve been very busy over the last month or so, with more and more content being added to the website in order to help people around the UK in making an accident claim. This month alone we’ve been blogging, as well as developing new pages designed to help people in certain geographic areas around the […]

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How Much is a Pinky Finger Worth in Compensation?

Posted in: Finger Injuries Personal Injury 
Finger and Hand personal injury solicitors Compensation

Believe it or not, this is one question that we have been asked at Accident Claims UK in the last 12 months on more than one occasion. The reason being is that fingers – particularly your pinky finger – are one of the riskiest places on our body when it comes to personal injury. If […]

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Need a No Win No Fee Solicitors in Leeds?

Posted in: No Win No Fee Personal Injury 
no win, no fee personal injury claim solicitors Leeds

At Accident Claims UK, we are proud to have helped thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom successfully claiming for personal injury compensation after an accident that wasn’t their fault. Part of our strength is the nationwide network that we have of personal injury solicitors who all work on a no win no fee basis […]

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New Injury Claims Types for Clients in the Nottingham Area

Posted in: Personal Injury 

As part of our commitment to serve the entire United Kingdom and all residents and workers in the country, we are starting to develop area specific pages for certain towns and cities. Previously we blogged about how we had done this for the city of Liverpool, which is part of a larger plan to develop […]

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Are Accident Claims Management Services Useful?

Posted in: Personal Injury 
Claim Compensation for your car crash or whiplash accident injuries

Accident management, also known as accident claims management, is the service of centralizing all aspects of a motor vehicle and injury claim on behalf of a motorist. There is simply so much red tape and legal detail that goes into getting back on the road and claiming for personal injury compensation that UK residents don’t have […]

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How Much Compensation for Whiplash in a Car Accident?

Posted in: Car Accidents Road Traffic Accidents Whiplash Injuries 
Whiplash Accident Injury Compensation. Free, Personal Injury Claim Assessments. Road Traffic Accident

We often get asked by people calling us how much compensation can they claim for whiplash sustained in a car accident. Our specialist personal injury solicitors can help you right away with a claim, all you need to do is phone our hotline number, and we will immediately inform you on how much you could […]

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New Videos for Rugby Injury and Dog Bite Claims Uploaded to YouTube

Posted in: Animal Attacks Sporting Injuries 
Dog Bites Attack, Personal Injury - Poorly trained pets, bad dog, dangerous animals

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas, but as with most people it’s now time to get back to work. Our social media team came in over the Christmas period (because they never really stop!) and created a couple of new videos for our popular YouTube channel. The new videos can be viewed below […]

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Sports Clubs Can Be Liable for Injury Compensation Claims

Posted in: Sporting Injuries 
Sporting Accidents, Tackles, Sport Injuries, Compensation

If you run a sports club, no matter at what kind of level, then you need to be aware of the legislation and law which can hold you liable for compensation if sporting injuries occur. In fact, it could be possible that a sports club can be put out of business. This  is why we […]

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