Industrial Deafness Claims

With over 10 million people in the UK suffering from some form of deafness and work-related hearing loss, there are a large proportion of those where this has resulted from their occupation. We are specialists in claiming for industrial deafness compensation, and have helped many clients to recover substantial compensation awards as part of our industrial deafness claims process. Call us today, or read on for more information on how we work.

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Industrial Deafness Compensation

We have put together a very short guide with additional details on compensation for industrial hearing loss which has a little more on claiming for industrial deafness.

What is Industrial Deafness?

Industrial deafness affects many people who have previously worked in noisy environments, and makes up for many of the personal injury claims that we deal with. It is also known as noise induced hearing loss or occupation deafness and will typically occur in people who have been exposed to loud noise for a long period of time.

We have noticed that the types of clients that we help with an industrial deafness claim can come from many different working industries, but common occupations have included factory workers, ship building and marine, engineering employees, manufacturing, and mining workers. That list is by no means exhaustive though, as industrial deafness claims can arise from any working environment where loud noise has been a factor.

Can I Claim for Industrial Deafness?

If you have suffered deafness as a result of your working conditions and occupational environment then our solicitors for industrial deafness will be able to guide you today on how to proceed with the best chance of success.

When calculating how much industrial deafness compensation you might be due, our solicitors take a number of different factors into account. A claim for industrial deafness can range from anything starting at £4,000 up to £70,000.  Essentially claims for industrial deafness are rated on a sliding scale of mitigating factors.  There are no set figures for industrial deafness claims so please call us to discuss your individual case.

The claimants that we help when claiming industrial deafness all have a different story, with different circumstances on how they ended up with hearing problems and tinnitus due to their working environment.

Industrial Deafness Claims for Compensation

For example, it will depend on whether or not the circumstances have resulted in a complete loss of hearing, or just partial deafness.  Plus if it is in both ears, just one, and any pain and suffering that the industrial deafness has caused to the claimant’s professional and social life.

Industrial Deafness Claim Against Your Employer

UK law states and regulates how work places should put in place measures to ensure that their employees are adequately protected against noise.  Whilst these laws have reduced the amount of compensation for industrial deafness that has been awarded over the last decade, it’s still a sad fact of industry that cases like this do occur.

If you suspect that you have an industrial deafness claim and would like to explore the options available to you in terms of compensation for industrial deafness then please call us now.

Your Employer’s Responsibilities

When assessing any industrial deafness claims we will always look to discover whether or not your employer took the necessary safe guards to reduce the chances of an industrial deafness claim against their company – but more importantly did they take the legal steps in order to reduce these chances of hearing loss accidents.

All UK businesses have certain guidelines that the must follow when it comes to noise in the workplace.  The government regulations include items such as:

  • Reducing exposure to noise in the workplace
  • Providing employees with health and safety equipment
  • Monitoring noise to ensure it does not exceed legal maximums
  • Checking machinery and equipment for noise levels
  • Giving adequate health and safety training on-site
  • Checking employees who are at risk from industrial deafness

If you suspect that the place you work for did not tick all of those items above then it’s very likely that there could be industrial deafness claims to investigate.  If the negligence of your employer has resulted in your hearing loss problems then our solicitors specialising in industrial deafness claims can help you to process a compensation award.

Industrial Deafness - UK Statistics on Hearing Loss

Industrial Deafness Compensation for Partial Noise Exposure

Not all industrial deafness claims are the result of an immediate loss of hearing. Many claimants come to us years after they were exposed to industrial noise pollution. In these cases they have noticed their hearing getting progressively worse over time, sometimes decades after they worked in a noisy environment – and only know are showing signs of industrial deafness symptoms.

Even in cases such as this, our industrial deafness solicitors have successfully won industrial deafness claims for compensation. They will need to get a real in-depth understanding of the circumstances surrounding the potential claim so these ones can take longer to process, but still have a chance of success.

In some cases, the company our claimants worked for when they were exposed to high levels of industrial noise will no longer exist. It’s still possible to claim industrial deafness in these cases as often we can locate their insurance company and work with them to get a satisfactory outcome for industrial deafness claims.

Information for Industrial Deafness Claim Clients

Below are some external resources which we recommend that sufferers of industrial deafness and hearing loss look up for additional support and guidance.  If you would like to know more about our claims process and how we work then you can also read a guide we put together for people asking us how they can claim for industrial deafness.

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