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If you have suffered a head injury then you could very long-lasting implications for both your health, quality of life, and future earnings. At Accident Claims UK we specialise in helping clients to claim for head injury compensation so that they can pay for and manage any changes to their day to day life that could have occurred due to an accident. We deal with both serious personal injuries and also incidents involving minor concussion or cuts and bruises.

Claim for Head Injury Compensation -Head injuries can be life-changing for those involved. To make sure you have proper legal representation and the chances of the most compensation, please call our team now. We operate on a no win no fee* basis for people in the UK.

Experts at Winning Head Injury Compensation

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a serious head injury then you might have some very serious repercussions such as:

  • Loss of ease of movement
  • Balance problems
  • Speech problems
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Memory loss
  • Attention problems
  • Changes to your personality

Specialist Head Injury Claims Solicitors

We treat head injury claims very carefully as the problems resulting from an injury of this type can have far wider implications than those physical ones listed above. As with brain injury compensation claims, head injuries require specialist attention from your legal representative.  That’s where we come into play, because we can offer the very best personal injury solicitors to deal with your head injury claim.

Our team are dedicated to insuring that you and your family only receive the best care and attention.  We understand that a serious head injury can result in changes to lifestyle, relationships, your employment, and quality of life.

Our head injury claims specialists will work tirelessly to make sure that you get the best guidance possible so that you can claim for head injury compensation. However, money isn’t the only factor in which we can help.  Our personal injury solicitors will also offer a wider range of support including connecting with rehabilitation services local to you, support from groups, charities, and other services who will aid both your and families affected by head injury.

How Head Injuries Happen
A graphic detailing how injuries occur that then lead to head injury compensation claims – courtesy of motoringhelmet.com

Different Types of Head Injury Claims

We deal with many different forms of head injury claims, which can usually fit into three distinct categories. In simple terms an injury to the head can be classified as any kind of trauma that leads to injury affecting the skull, scalp, or brain.

It’s worth noting that just because you cannot see a physical sign of injury, it doesn’t mean that a head injury has not occurred. Of course, seeing wounds on the head are a clear sign, but any time that the skull suffers trauma it should be fully checked out by a doctor.

It’s possible to claim for head injury compensation for injuries ranging from minor to serious.  Here are the three main types:


Most head injuries are concussion-related. They tend to be classed as minor injuries but should still be very carefully monitored to look for any signs that the person has suffered something more serious. If you see a person appearing to deteriorate physically and mentally then it is a sign that the head injury is of a more serious nature and needs immediate medical attention.

Open Head Injury:

This relates to fractures and breaks where the skull suffers trauma.  Typically this occurs when a heavy blow or trauma is applied to the head.

Closed Head Injury:

If the incident does not lead to any changes to the shape and structure of the skull then it is classed as being a closed injury. In other words, when no fractures occur.

UK Head Injury Statistics

We help many people to recover from an accident due to our success rate in claiming for head injury compensation.  Despite health and safety measures becoming more prevalent in today’s society, claims for head injury still happen very frequently.

The UK charity that support people with brain and head injuries, recently published data on head trauma. It makes for frightening reading and shows the scale of such incidents within the United Kingdom.

(Please note that these statistics were last updated for 2011 through to 2012 and include all forms of head injury from minor to serious accidents and do not include spinal injury compensation claims).

  • People attending hospital with a head injury: 213,752
  • People attending hospital with a non-superficial head injury: 169,673
  • Percentage increase in reported head injuries over 10 years: 33.5%
  • Amount of serious head injury cases per year: 15,000

The study also showed that males were twice as likely to suffer from injury then their female counterparts, with the most risk age group being men aged fifteen to twenty four.  These age groups, along with the elderly, are the most common groups that we handle head injury claims for.

The Effects of Serious Head Injury

By using our services to progress with a claim for head injury, we can ensure that you get the very best professional and medical help with a range of issues and effects including:

  • Changes to Behaviour and Personality: includes aspects such as being depressed, being unmotivated, anger management issues, and impulsive behaviour.
  • Cognitive Issues: for example not being able to remember events, finding it hard to concentrate, being anxious in loud places, losing your initiative.
  • Physical Problems: can manifest itself in your body’s co-ordination, being unable to speak clearly,eye sight problems, hearing and vision issues, no longer being able to taste and more.

Due to the strains and pressures that can arises from living with brain or head injury, we understand how important it is to get the right amount of head injury compensation for your accident.

Whilst money isn’t the answer to all problems, a large head injury claims payment can assist with the rehabilitation process as well as on-going support for both you and your family.

How to Assess a Head Injury

Not all head injuries are the same, and some are not immediately obvious at the time of the accident occurring. If you have been involved in an accident and have had a blow to the head then you must seek urgent and immediate medical attention.

Please seek professional medical advice before calling us about any head injury claims you wish to discuss. Here are some indicating factors that you might have been affected.

  • Feeling drowsy, sleepy, or dizzy
  • A headache that gets progressively worse and won’t reduce
  • Being confused or exhibiting behaviour not like your normal self
  • Being sick or vomiting
  • Feeling a loss of function or strength in a limb
  • Having a seizure or a fit
  • Blurred vision and reduced performance in eyesight
  • Bleeding from the nostrils or ears (sometimes can be a clear fluid)
  • Difficulty breathing or a change to your breathing pattern

As we mentioned, any form of head injury should be assessed by a medical professional before you even start thinking about making a head injury compensation claim. If you have suffered in an accident then we suggest that you follow these guidelines.

  • Make sure that you have company so you are not left alone for at least 2 days
  • Make sure to get lots of rest and sleep so you can recover
  • Never take any non-prescribed drugs or illegal drugs
  • Don’t drink any alcohol
  • Avoid any form of sporting activity that results in physical contact
  • Do not get behind the wheel of a car or any other forms of transport
  • Do not operate machinery until you have the all clear
  • Never take sleeping pills or any form of sedation unless advised to by medical staff

Head Injury Claims Cases

Below is a short selection of example scenarios where we could help a UK client make a claim for compensation.  You might be in a similar situation to one of these examples, so please do contact us to discuss a head injury claim for compensation.  These are just examples, and are not an exhaustive of the varying scenarios within which head injuries and accidents can occur that result in a personal injury claim.

Example Case #1 – Teacher Hurt By Falling Cabinet

In this example, a teacher was talking to his class, when he leaned against a tall bookcase.  There was a large metal cabinet on the top which toppled and fell onto his head.  Leaving him unconscious, with lacerations to his head, and a fracture, he ended up spending a week in hospital.  In this case, we would recover compensation for both the injuries suffered plus the time of work that he had to take off to recover.

Example Case #2 – Security Guard Injured By Faulty Ceiling

In this example we have the scenario where a security guard is working on an industrial estate, when walking through a disused warehouse, part of the ceiling fell onto his head due to a lack of maintenance.  He suffered headaches, cuts, and bruises and so was eligible to make a head injury claim for a small amount of compensation – this case would also have been included under our neck injury claims management.

Support Groups & Resources for Head Injuries

We are pleased and proud to recommend the following organisations which help and support people and families affected by head injury. As part the head injury compensation process our personal injury solicitors will help you to connect with these organisations where relevant.

Head Injury Claims

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