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Have you been involved in a car or road traffic accident in Liverpool, resulting in the symptoms of a whiplash injury? If yes, then there is every chance that you could claim whiplash injury compensation with the support of our solicitors.

All of our Liverpool whiplash solicitors work on a no win, no fee* basis for all clients, and are experts at helping clients receive the maximum compensation payments and amounts for personal injury cases.

For no-obligation, free guidance, please call our helpline today on 01252354433^. The call will only take a few minutes and is completely free. Lines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

In line with FCA Regulations, you are entitled – if you fulfil the necessary criteria – to make a claim for injury arising from a motor accident in Liverpool to the Claims Portal. You do not need to instruct a solicitor and can submit a claim free of charge. Our panel solicitors will charge a fee for providing advice and submitting your claim. This fee may be up to 25% of the claim value plus VAT. We will be able to inform you in more detail when you enquire on 01252354433^.

Whiplash Claims in Liverpool: Expert Legal Guidance

Whiplash Compensation Liverpool - Solicitors and Lawyers for Merseyside

Whiplash will be very painful, and can have long-lasting effects on your personal and working life. We take these types of compensation claims very seriously, and offer expert guidance for all Liverpool drivers and passengers looking to make a claim.

Our roster of personal injury solicitors has helped hundreds of passengers, drivers, and motorists around the UK after car and road accidents. The costs that we recover are designed to pay for pain, suffering, damages, and any psychological damages incurred.

We know how much of a legal minefield claiming for whiplash can be, and so it’s imperative that you instruct a professional solicitor who has experience in cases such as this. When you call us, we will ask you a few simple questions, and on that basis can then tell you whether you are able to claim whiplash compensation in Liverpool.

With years of experience, and numerous very happy and satisfied clients, you can sure that you are in good hands, and will stand a fantastic chance of getting the justice that you deserve for your personal injury.

Whiplash Liverpool: How to Claim Compensation

We make claiming as easy as possible. It all starts with one quick phone call into our team. If you are eligible, then we can help you to claim thousands in some cases. If the accident was not your fault, then there is every chance that you can make a successful whiplash injury claim in Liverpool with our help and support.

Our solicitors are trusted and regulated and specialise in whiplash car accident claims, for both drivers and passengers. With our help, you can have professional representation against the insurance companies, which will typically look to minimise or even dismiss your case, especially when it comes to low velocity impact accidents.

If you are suffering any of the follow symptoms, then you could have whiplash, and could be entitled to make a whiplash claim in Liverpool.

  • Restriction of movement of the neck
  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Tenderness

Whiplash Compensation in Liverpool: How Much?

In the majority of cases, whiplash injuries will only lead to short-term discomfort lasting perhaps a few months. In cases such as this, clients could receive anywhere between £1,000 and £2,750.

If you have been involved in a more serious incident where you have long-term pain and suffering and spinal damage, then amounts can be as high as £97,500.

What Can You Claim For?

The example whiplash compensation amounts that we referenced above will typically be split into two distinct areas during a legal case.

There are general damages which will be paid out depending on how seriously you were injured in the car or road accident. How the injury will affect your daily and working life will be taken into account with general damages.

There are then special damages. This compensation for expenses and financial losses you have suffered. Our solicitors will look to maximise the whole pot when it comes to compensation for whiplash in the Liverpool area. The types of items that you can make a claim for include:

  • Travel expenses
  • Hospital visits and parking
  • Loss of earnings or bonus
  • Cost of any treatment for prescriptions
  • Additional household costs
  • Help or care while you are recovering

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