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New Videos for Rugby Injury and Dog Bite Claims Uploaded to YouTube

Posted in: Animal Attacks Sporting Injuries 

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas, but as with most people it’s now time to get back to work. Our social media team came in over the Christmas period (because they never really stop!) and created a couple of new videos for our popular YouTube channel.

The new videos can be viewed below or on YouTube. Take a look and tell us what you think, and please do share them and view and give us some social media love!

Dog Bite Claims Video

This short video with music gives a very basis overview of how we handle dog bite claims. You can find out more about our services in this area by checking out our dog bite solicitors and claims page, or alternatively by taking a look at the video below, or on YouTube.

Rugby Injury Claims Video

Rugby is one of the most popular contact sports in the UK, and with that popularity does come a certain amount of risk. The injuries sustained in rugby can be very severe and life changing and our short video on rugby injury claims can be seen on Youtube – alternatively you can visit a deeper page in our website about rugby injury solicitors and how they can help you.

What’s Coming Soon?

Over the coming months we will be adding even more videos so please do keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media channels to find out more.

Please do have a safe and happy New Year and we wish all the best to our existing customers and client-base, including all of the excellent personal injury solicitors that we currently work with.


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