How Much Compensation for a Shoulder Injury?

A shoulder injury can cause a great deal of pain and have a significant impact on your everyday life. This post looks at the various levels of severity of shoulder injury claims and gives an indication of the compensation amounts that may be awarded for each type of shoulder injury claim.

These amounts are taken from the JSB Guidelines used by courts to determine how much should be awarded for certain kinds of injuries. However, these amounts reflect awards for pain and suffering, not for any financial loss.

Shoulder Injury Compensation Calculation – How Much?

Where you have suffered a fracture of clavicle (collar bone) awards usually range from between £3,900 – £9,300. The amount awarded for a sholder injury will be calculated on the severity of the injury.

If you have suffered a minor injury, for example a soft tissue injury where you suffer pain but make a complete or almost complete recovery, the amount you could be awarded will depend on your recovery time.

  • Where you recover within 3 months, you may be awarded from a few hundred to £1,860.
  • Where you recover within a year you may be awarded £1,860 – £3,300.
  • Where you recover in less than two years  you may be awarded £3,300 – £6,000
  • If you suffer a moderate injury, such as having a frozen shoulder injury for about 2 years, you may be awarded from £6,000 – £9,700
  • For more serious injuries for example, dislocation of shoulder, damage to lower part of brachial plexus causing pain in neck, elbow, sensory symptoms in hand an forearm or fractured humerus leading to restricted shoulder movement you may be awarded significantly more.
  • Typical award for these kinds of injuries range from £14,600 – £36,500. The actual amount awarded will depend on severity of the injury and the extent of any lasting disability.

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