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New Videos for Shoulder Injury and Car Accident Claims Calculators

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Our social media and web marketing team have been really busy this morning, creating new and engaging content for our YouTube channel. As part of our marketing drive this year, we will be looking to create as much online content as possible, in order to create new avenues by which to attract and find clients and claimants. The YouTube videos we create will be a large part of that process, and we hope to continually expand and create more content. If you can share our videos on social media or embed them on your own websites, then we will be eternally grateful – so hope that you can continue to support Accident Claims UK!

New Video #1: Car Accident Compensation Calculator

The first new video from this morning is intended to support our car accident claim calculator page and will soon be embedded on there.  You can watch the car accident calculator video live on YouTube, where it’s possible to share and favourite it. Hope you like it!

New Video #2: Shoulder Injury Compensation Payouts

One of the more popular personal injury claims cases that we deal with for clients are shoulder injury claims. Our new video goes into a bit of detail about the whole shoulder injury claim payouts process, including details on a calculator, including how much money you could receive if successful. As before, the video can be viewed on YouTube directly on by clicking this shoulder compensation link.

If you would like us to develop any more videos relating to the industry, then please do get in touch with us on 01252354433^. We hope that you enjoy them and feel like you can call us at anytime for free accident claims guidance.


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