Finger Injury Claims: Claim After an Accident

It goes without saying really, but having a finger injury can have long-lasting effects on your daily life, work, and routines. Thankfully it’s possible to make finger injury claims against third parties if the accident was not your own fault.

Finger Injury ClaimsFor example, you could have had your finger injured at work, in a car accident, a fall, or a criminal assault. All of these scenarios and more can typically lead to making successful finger injury claims for our clients.

With many years of experience in helping people all around the UK win personal injury compensation after a thumb or finger accident, we are expertly placed to make sure you make the most of your claim.

Finger Injury Claims – More Information

For more information on finger injury claims, or how to make a finger injury claim then please see these related pages which go into more specific detail on the matter, including how we can help you in making a claim.

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How Much Compensation for a Finger Accident?

Compensation levels for a finger accident will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Factors that we will take into account include, but are not limited to:

  • Whether amputation was required
  • How many fingers and/or thumbs were affected
  • If you suffered from any cosmetic disfigurement
  • If you are now suffering from loss of feelings and/or sensation
  • The level of treatment that you were given
  • How long it took you to recover from the finger accident
  • The extent to which you are still in pain

The amounts involved can range from £1,500 all the way up to £65,000 depending on those factor described above. Until you have spoken to one of our team though, we cannot put an accurate estimate on what your finger injury claim could be worth.

How to Make a Finger Injury Claim?

With one quick phone call we can immediately get the process started for you getting the justice that you deserve. With our helpline being open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, you are just one phone call away from talking to a sympathetic and understanding expert who can tell you what you could be due.

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