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How Much is a Pinky Finger Worth in Compensation?

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Your pinky (or little) finger

Believe it or not, this is one question that we have been asked at Accident Claims UK in the last 12 months on more than one occasion. The reason being is that fingers – particularly your pinky finger – are one of the riskiest places on our body when it comes to personal injury.

If you were to lose your pinky finger in an accident at work, or a public place, or any other type of accident, then typically there will be a liable third party.

For example, if you lost a pinky finger whilst at work, then the company you work for will have an insurance policy designed to payout in the event of an amputation.

But the amount that you receive will vary. In the UK, pinky fingers, or little fingers, are worth less than an index finger, due to the functionality that they give your hand in terms of dexterity.

Typical Compensation Amounts in the UK for Pinky Finger Injuries

Whilst every case is different, the worth of a pinky finger when making a compensation claim could range from £2,500 to £13,500 depending on the effect the injury has had on your work and family life.

Our personal injury solicitors ** are specialists in finger injury claims, and are able to offer free phone consultations to anyone that has lost a pinky finger, or lost any finger for that matter. And we help people who would like to know how much compensation they are due after the event.

If you have suffered in this way, and would like some no-obligation and free legal guidance on what your next steps should be, then please call our 24 hours a day helpline today.

One of our specialists will be more than happy to take some details from you, and then could even be able to give an estimate on how much your pinky finger injury claim could be worth.

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We hope that this blog post helped you to understand how much your pinky fingers are worth in terms of compensation amounts, but as stated, all cases will be different depending on the individual circumstances.


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