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Have you been left in pain after suffering a workplace injury in Sheffield? Our expert workplace injury solicitors serve people like you all over South Yorkshire under a no win no fee* agreement. Accidents at work come as a result of several different failings, ranging from defective tools to exposure to harmful products.

No matter what type of injury or illness you have been affected by we are happy to offer you the guidance you need today. To get started simply call our free phone number and tell us what happened, how it happened, and the details. Based on that we can quickly tell you whether or not you are eligible to claim for accident at work compensation – call now on 01252354433^.

Making an Accident at Work Claim Against an Employer

The vast majority of people that get in touch with us express fears that taking legal action against their employer could have an effect on their job security. We want you to be aware of the fact that staff dismissal on the grounds of a personal injury claim is against the law in the UK, so this is not something that you should be afraid of. We understand that any form of legal action is a daunting prospect, and that is why we offer such a straightforward service. In three simple steps you could be on your way to winning the compensation that you deserve:

  1. Start by getting in touch with us – whether that’s over the phone or via our online contact form
  2. From there, we can quickly assess whether or not you have a viable claim
  3. If this is the case, we connect you with a local accident at work solicitor who will represent you to the best of their ability

What Can I Claim Compensation For?

Obviously due to the number of different industries and sectors that people work in, there are an endless amount of different injuries and illnesses that workers can be affected by. Below we have provided a list of general injury types that may apply to you and give you a bit of additional information. If, however, the injury/illness you are suffering from does not fall into one of these categories, then don’t think that we do not cover your problem. Just get in touch with us to find out directly.

No Win No Fee Accident at Work Compensation

Accident at Work Compensation SheffieldTo protect you from any upfront costs, our lawyers and solicitors work on a no win no fee* agreement. To put it simply, this means that unless your claim is successful, you will not owe the work accident claims lawyer any money.

Only when your claim is successful, and you walk away with the compensation you deserve, will our lawyer take a small cut. This conditional agreement means that you are at no financial risk when deciding to make a claim. We are specialists in accident at work compensation for Sheffield workers and employers and have represented hundreds of people around the UK over the last decade.

Evidence Of Your Accident or Injury at Work

The one thing we ask of you is that if you are looking to make a claim, please collate any evidence of your accident that you can. Has your accident been recorded in an accident report book? Do you have any documentation showing the medical attention you received? If so, this will make a big difference to your claim later on.

Why Trust Our Work Accident Claims Solicitors for Sheffield

The world of workplace injury claims can be a highly complex one and that is why it is extremely important to have a lawyer fighting on your behalf that you both trust and value. You can be assured that the solicitor we put you in touch with will have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They also understand that you are not a legal expert and will make sure to speak to you in a language you can understand to make sure that you are involved in every stage of the claims process.

Contact Us for Accident at Work Claims in Sheffield

Your employer has a duty of care and if this has not been met then we encourage you to contact us today. You can chat to one of our expert call handlers on our free 24/7 line who will happily answer any queries that you may have. Alternatively, please fill in one of our online contact forms and we’ll get back to you very soon.

When you get in touch with us you are making a free, no obligation phone call. If all you want is some sound legal guidance on workplace injury then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help – 01252354433^

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