Hip Injury Claims & Compensation Amounts

Many people fail to appreciate the vital role that the hip plays in their body. As the joint that connects the upper parts of the leg to the pelvis, the hip provides much needed support and contributes to ease of movement from one place to another.

The reality is that the hip is subject to daily pressure from the weight of our bodies as we move around. While in most cases the hip is able to cope with this level of strain, an accident could cause the integrity of your hip to become compromised resulting in your suffering a painful injury.

At Accident Claims UK, we regularly help clients secure financial compensation for their hip injuries. If you would like to speak to a personal injury expert about whether you could be entitled to hip injury compensation, please contact our team today.

Can I Make a Hip Injury Compensation Claim?

Claim hip injury compensation amountsPersonal injury law is designed to protect your body from injury in accidents caused by other people. This is also true for hip-related injuries. If your hip is damaged in an accident that is caused by someone else, then you should consider the possibility of raising a personal injury claim.

Hip injures are commonly associated with people who are of advanced age. However, in practice, everyone is vulnerable to a hip injury – elderly people are simply more susceptible owing to the reduced strength in their bodies.

The more common causes of hip-related injuries include road traffic accidents as well as slips, trips and falls. This can happen practically anywhere, e.g. at work; walking along a road; or crossing an uneven or slippery surface.

The lack of stability can cause you to lose your balance and land in a position that causes damage to your hip. If someone else causes you to suffer an injury to your hip, then you may be able to make a hip injury compensation claim.

Examples Of Hip Injury Claims

Your hips are susceptible to a variety of different injuries. At Accident Claims UK, we have experience of handling the whole scope of hip injury compensation claims, including for:

Dislocated Hip

A dislocated hip can be a very painful injury. Your hip will be ‘dislocated’ when the head of the femur bone is dislodged from its position joining it to your pelvis. It is not particularly easy for your hip to be dislocated. There generally needs to be considerable force exerted on the hip for the bone to be removed from its socket.

However, when this happens it is relatively easy to identify: the hip will remain in a fixed position, but will bend inwards towards the middle of your body. The bone can also slip in a forward direction in some cases. If you have disclosed your hip you will normally be able to tell: the level of pain it causes is significant owing to the possible nerve damage caused, and you may find yourself unable to move the leg as freely as you otherwise would.

Soft tissue damage

You may not always find that you have suffered significant damage to the hip itself in an accident, but rather the ligaments and fibres that support the hip may have been strained or torn. This is sometimes described as a ‘hip sprain’ and is where the muscles and ligaments that ordinarily support your hip are stretched to such a degree that they either bruise badly or even tear as a result of the pressure being exerted on them. This can also cause a degree of swelling around your hip. While less obvious than a dislocated hip, soft tissue damage can be excruciatingly painful and may result in your ability to love freely being severely impaired.

Hip fracture

A more significant injury than soft tissue damage, a hip fracture can potentially be very dangerous. As with other kinds of injury, a hip fracture tends to result from an awkward fall or slip and results in the integrity of the bone being affected. Depending on the nature of the fracture – where precisely on the bone it has happened – you may need some level of surgery to correct it. So to is the case with hip dislocations. Again, you may find that your mobility is impacted and that you are suffer considerable discomfort where you have fractured your hip. The compensation for a broken hip will vary depending on how serious and long-lasting the effects are.

Hip replacement compensation claims

Hip replacement surgery can lead to multiple complications. If you have been affected by medical negligence then please read our separate page on how to claim for compensation after hip replacement surgery complications.

We Will Take Your Hip Injury Claim Seriously

Hip related injuries should be taken very seriously. In almost all cases, immediate medical attention will be required in order for the damage to be repaired. Furthermore, most injuries will require some time in order to heal, meaning that you will need to be away from work for a prolonged period in order to fully recover from your injuries.

Hip Injury Compensation Amounts

Hip injuries that are the result of an accident caused by someone else are compensable. However, the exact amount of money that you can expect will depend on your own particular circumstances: the severity of your injury; the impact it has had on your life; the steps needed in order to address your injury, amongst other things.

Generally, the more severe an injury is, the greater the amount of compensation it is likely to attract, e.g. a permanent hip injury could attract between £20,000 and £30,000, with lesser injuries, such as soft tissue damage, being capable of achieving between £3,000 and £10,000.

Compensation for Broken Hip Clients

Owing to the position of the hip in the body and its proximity to the reproductive organs, there is a possibility that an injury to the hip could affect these. Injuries causing sexual dysfunction can warrant hip injury compensation amounts of more than £60,000.

How Do I Make a Hip Injury Claim?

Raising a personal injury claim for a hip injury needs to be handled by skilled team. The process governing your claim is strictly controlled, with exacting rules of evidence and several deadlines. It is important that you work with an experienced solicitor who has sufficient knowledge and experience to handle your case appropriately and can achieve the best result for your circumstances.

Specialist Hip Injury Compensation Solicitors

If you need a solicitor to help you to pursue a no win, no fee* compensation claim for your hip injury, contact the team at Accident Claims UK. Your case will be handled by a solicitor who has the most experience for your needs, will carefully analyse your situation and process your claim appropriately. We believe in providing objective, practical guidance to our clients on their claim and make it a priority to deliver a service that has them in mind every step of the way. Speak to our team today and learn more about what is involved in raising a personal injury claim for hip injuries.

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