Dog Bite Compensation

Have you been unfortunate enough to be the victim of a dog attack? If you have suffered from a dog bite, then it’s very likely that you are eligible to receive substantial personal injury compensation. Dog bite claims can lead to both financial, health, and psychological damages so call our solicitors now to discuss your no win no fee* personal injury and accident claim.

Dog Bite Claims – Call Now – Pick up the phone today and phone us for free to discuss your personal injury claim. Our dog bite solicitors will be able to quickly and simply tell you if you can be awarded dog bite compensation, how much you might be due, and how long you can expect the dog attack compensation to take. 

Dog Bite Compensation

There are no truly accurate numbers on how many people get bitten by dogs on an annual basis, although the NHS have made some estimates which you can see lower down the page. The reason for this is due to many people believing that a dog bite personal injury isn’t always worth reporting. This could not be further from the truth, as we have handled many cases resulting in dog bite compensation for dog bite claims.

Dog Bite Compensation Awards and Claims

Children are in the highest risk category for dog bites, and studies show that 2 out of every 10 hospital admissions for a dog attack are children under nine years old. In most cases, the clients that we help with dog bite claims for compensation have been bitten by their family dog. We also have previous dealings with people bitten by police dogs, as well as quite a few postmen who have been injured whilst delivering mail.

If you, a person you know, or you have a child bitten by a dog then please get in touch with us now to discuss our unique approach to dog bite compensation awards. The law on dog bites means that any personal injuries or suffering could be worthy of a monetary pay-out.

Dog Bite Compensation Calculator

If you have been attacked, and want to know how much money you could be due under UK dog bite law then please do not use any websites that offer an automated dog bite compensation calculator. By their nature, it’s not possible to give an automated calculation on how much compensation for dog bite injuries you can receive – because every single case is different!

Dog Bite Compensation Calculator
Call us now and don’t use an online calculator as your claim could be worth much more.

If you do decide to use a dog attack personal injury awards calculator, you could be awarded far less money than is rightfully yours. We suggest you call us, let us review your case, and then represent you on a no win no fee* basis to get the maximum money for your dog bite claim.

How Much Compensation for a Dog Bite Victim?

How much compensation you will get is entirely down to how severely you were injured, and where on your body the injury occurred? This is why we don’t recommend using dog bite compensation calculator websites. Despite their being dangerous dog laws now in the UK, there is no specific claims amount set out for these type of injuries – UK personal injury law does not differentiate depending on how the accident happened.

As we previously mentioned, the only way in which you can be certain to receive the maximum amount with regards to dog bite compensation awards is to speak to a specialist in animal injury claims and personal injury.  We are those specialists, and our dog bite solicitors will look to seek the most damages, and also recover and expenses you have incurred due to accident and injury as part of the dog attack claims process.

Our Dog Bite Solicitors

We only work with experienced dog attack lawyers who have years of experience and success in representing clients who have pursued personal injury claims for dog bites and dog attacks.

When we assign you with a dog bite injury lawyer, they will treat your case individually and work to ensure that you receive the most professional guidance, and stand the best chance of receiving the highest possible dog bite compensation for your injuries, time off work, and expenses incurred – all without you having to use a dog bite compensation calculator that could give your a vastly undervalued estimate!

Call us today on our Freephone telephone number to speak to a dog attack lawyer for immediate guidance and how to proceed with your own personal injury and accident claim.

If you are seeking compensation for a dog bite, then the most frequent personal injury cases that we deal with are outlined below.

  • People injured by a dog attack
  • Police dog bite compensation
  • Postman dog bite compensation
  • Child bitten by dog
  • Dog bites at work

Dog Bite Statistics in the UK

Over the last 6 years, dog attacks and dog bites have seen a significant increase and there have been around 20 reported deaths in the UK over that time period. The NHS estimate that around two hundred thousand people suffer from dog bits annually, with the knock-on effect being a cost of three million pounds in healthcare costs.

Dog Bite and Dog Attack Statistics
Dog Bite Statistics – Image adapted and courtesy of (United States)

You can read a more in depth article on the statistics on The Telegraph.  General statistics show that between 2007 and 2013 the following amounts of people were admitted to hospital with dog bites.

  • 2007-08: 4,611
  • 2008-09: 5,221
  • 2009-10: 5,837
  • 2010-11: 6,005
  • 2011-12: 6,580
  • 2012-13: 6,302

Dog Bite Claims: The UK Statistics

In 2008, there was a report released that discovered a 50% increase in people having to go to hospital due to a dog attack from the previous decade’s worth of data. Of those numbers, a staggering 20% were of children under the age of ten… and it was children who were typically more at risk of serious injury where dog bite claims were concerned.

You might think that rural areas would have higher instances of cases, but in fact it would appear to be much worse in city and urban areas. As an example, the statistics of people hospitalised due to an attack was actually two fold on average across the United Kingdom, whilst the West Midlands had an almost unprecedented increase of around 80%. You can see our video about our views on dog bite compensation calculators on YouTube.

Why You Should Use a Dog Bite Claims Solicitor

Having to make a claim for your child can be extremely distressing so it’s vital that you engage the services of a solicitor who is familiar with the processes as well as being understanding to you and your family. Our dog bite solicitors are very experienced in dealing with claims such as this, and have years of knowledge from having to support families in cases such as this.

They have had to deal with multiple claims involved dog attacks on young children, and because of that have an unrivalled knowledge on how the legal process works, and the types of compensation that can be awarded.  They will strive to ensure that you get the best results so that you can move on with your life.

For dog bite victims under the age of 18, it’s possible to make a personal injury claim via an adult or family member, known in the law as the “litigation friend”. It’s this person who acts on their behalf and who will work with our solicitors to achieve the best result possible. Our dog bite solicitors will work with you to make sure that the correct medical procedures and checks are undertaken, including the proper documentation required in order to be successful with a compensation claim.

In addition to that they will make sure that all compensation claims have been valued by a barrister, and any settlement is signed off and approved by the local courts. This form of court approval typically means a very quick and simple hearing. At the hearing the court judge will look at all the factors involved in the incident and then tell the claimant and third party whether or not he or she is satisfied with the compensation amounts to be paid. Because of this way in which our solicitors work you can be assured that the maximum satisfactory settlements are agreed and reached for our clients.

Bitten By a Dog Whilst at Work?

One of the more common dog bite compensation awards that we represent claimants for (apart from children) are those people attacked by a dog and bitten whilst at work. We are regularly asked to assist people who were bitten by a dog at work and wish to make a dog bite claim.

Dog Bites Claims from Postmen
Postmen and Women are in a high risk category for dog bite claims.

This happens more regularly than you might think, and is a particular risk for those people who are required to work on another person’s property as part of their daily work schedule. This can include workers who operate in the following scenarios:

  • Working as a postman or delivery person with parcels and letters
  • Service workers who visit homes and properties to carry out tasks
  • Home carers, and home helps

If you have been involved in any form of dog bite accident whilst working, then do contact us immediately so our no win no fee* personal injury solicitors can discuss your dog bite compensation claim.  You can either call us or fill out the no-obligation enquiry form on the right hand side of our website.

What to Do When You Get Bitten in a Dog Attack

Whilst we will talk our clients through the entire process in order for them to stand the best chance possible of winning dog bite compensation claims, there are some steps which can be taken in order to receive the most compensation for a dog attack.

Here is our guide created by our dog attack lawyers who specialise in personal injury for cases involving a dog bite claim – please follow these steps even if the accident wasn’t that serious, as the animal involved could have a prior record – especially if it involves a child bitten by a dog.

  • Once bitten immediately report it to the police and local authorities
  • Get medical attention if needed, and ensure there is a record of your treatment
  • Take photographic evidence of your injuries
  • Note down who the dog owner is and if possible their address
  • Ask them if they have any forms of insurance that could cover the incident
  • Try to discover if the animal has any previous form for biting or aggression
  • Seek out any witnesses and gather their names and addresses

How to Treat Dog Bites

Having a doctor’s note or proof of a hospital visit can help to support a dog bite claim. Sometimes you won’t need to visit a health professional; in any case please take the following action.

  • Wash and clean the injury and wound with warm water
  • Clean any dirt out of the wound including dog hair
  • Seek professional health care, even for minor injuries in case of infection

If you child has been bitten by a dog, then always call the emergency services.  In particular if the wounds are around the facial and neck areas. Once your wounds are treated please call us to discuss dog bite claim compensation.

Avoiding Attacks and Bites

If you want to reduce the chances of either being a victim of a dog bite claim, or you own a dog and want to reduce the chances of litigation against you, then follow the guidelines below prepared by our solicitors and lawyers:

  • Put your arms to the side of your body and avoid looking the animal in the eye
  • Don’t run away from the animal as this can encourage an attack
  • Don’t leave children alone with any dog, regardless of their behavioural history

An Update to the Dangerous Dogs Act

On the 13th of May 2014, the existing dangerous dog laws in England and Wales were updated. Essentially it means that any breed of dog, if behaving aggressively in a public place, can lead to their owners being charged as a criminal offence.

Whilst this won’t change matters regarding how much compensation for a dog bite, or the way in which dog bite personal injury claims are handled, it does make for interesting reading, and should make you more aware of the dogs more likely to be involved in an attack.

Specific changes to the law include:

  • It is now a criminal offence if a dog attacks an assistance dog such as a guide dog
  • Some dog owners can be liable for a custodial sentence on some charges
  • Police and councils are now able to take animals into custody from private property

In short though, whilst there are particular breeds such as Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Pit Bulls that people tend to associate as dangerous dogs and ones more likely to be involved in dog bite injury claims, any dog breed can be involved in a case such as this.

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