Making A Personal Injury Claim

Making a claim with Accident Claims UK is really simple. All you need to do is call us today on our accident helpline01252354433^ – or email us. We will offer a free consultation over the telephone and assess whether there is a case to answer, and whether you are able to make a claim. If you are, then you will be passed through to one of our personal injury solicitors **.

How to Make an Accident Claim

Personal injury affects more people than you might think, with more than three million UK residents hurt annually in a variety of accidents. A lot of the time the accident was not their fault and was due to the negligence of a third party. When that happens, the person hurt is eligible to make an accident claim for compensation.

The legalities of personal injury law and accident claims can be very complex, but with the assistance of our accident solicitors ** the whole process can be simplified, particularly as we work on a no win no fee * basis.  We offer a no-obligation consultation over the telephone first via our UK accident helpline, and then will be able to tell you relatively quickly if there is a case to make an accident claim.

What We Need When Making a Claim

Our call centre staff are all trained to take you through the process as quickly and as easily as possible. They will ask you certain questions about the accident, any witnesses, loss of earnings, and the circumstances. Other aspects we will ask about include whether you are a member of a trade union or if you have any insurances to support you if out of work. If you don’t then we can explore getting early compensation payments to you until such time the case is settled. Here’s a definite list of what we will need when making a claim.

  • The time and date of the accident
  • Where the accident happened
  • How the accident happened
  • Details of witnesses including name, address, and telephone numbers
  • Details on any injury that you suffered, including medical attention

Once we set the wheels in motion for making a claim, we will also need some additional details from you. This is so that we can start to calculate the amount of compensation that we will be aiming to win on your behalf. These additional details include:

  • Any insurance documents or policies you might already hold
  • Details on your earning if you are unable to work and suffer financial losses
  • Supporting documents if you have been involved in an accident before

Making a Claim for Accident Compensation

Once we have all the evidence and background information, we will be able to move onto calculating the compensation strategy and process. For example, this could include items such as the chances of your accident claim succeeding, and how much money in compensation you could be due to receive.

Each and every step of the way, our solicitors ** will keep you fully informed of the process and where we are in the legal system at any given point. We will send you notes and letters detailing all actions that will be taking place. The type of information that you can expect to receive at this part of the making an accident claim process will include:

  • Contact details for your assigned solicitor **
  • Estimates on the length the accident claim case could take
  • Details on our no win no fee * arrangement
  • Details on any additional information still required

Making an Accident Claim – The Legal Process

The first thing that your assigned solicitor ** will do is to contact the third party responsible for the accident (the defendant). In this letter, it will outline the details of the accident and any information on medical attention or damages incurred.

The defendant then has a set period of time within which to respond. Typically, this will be a 90-day period at the most, although we aim for it to be sooner. They will have to respond, telling us whether they accept any blame for the accident. If they say that they were responsible, then we will aim to get the matter and compensation amount settled outside of court. In most cases, this is what happens for a speedy resolution when making a claim.

Compensation Offer Out of Court

Within this letter to the defendant, we will set out what compensation amount we believe should be paid. You will have the chance to agree to this amount if you think it is a suitable amount for you to accept as compensation. The defendant will then reply stating whether they accept the details, and you can decide whether to accept their offer. If everything is accepted between both parties, then the entire matter will be settled outside of court.

Claims in Court

Sometimes claims cannot be settled outside of court due to differences of opinion between the claimant and the defendant. In these cases, the accident claim will need to go to court if you want to proceed with legal action. You can challenge the non-agreement of the defendant and ask the court to settle the matter where they will decide the compensation amount if successful.

How the Court Process Works:

Making a claim in court means that the matter will now be dealt with by a judge. They will be responsible for arranging dates and venues, and we will make sure that you are fully prepared for the case and will help you to be ready.

Whilst this might sound like quite a scary prospect, you should be assured that our accident claims solicitors ** will have prepared you as fully as possible for all eventualities of the court case. We will explain everything that will happen so that there are no surprises on the day. Once you have attended court, it’s then just a case of waiting to hear how the case was judged and what the settlement was decided to be – in other words, how much compensation for your accident will be awarded.

No Win No Fee Means No Costs Upfront

We work on a no win, no fee * agreement. If your case is successful, then the defendant will be liable for costs accrued during the case, including the compensation. To cover legal expenses and time, our solicitors can charge up to 25% of the settlement sum on the result of a successful claim. If you are not successful, you do not pay anything.

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