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We are one of the UK’s leading accident claims companies and help thousands of people each year to get the personal injury compensation that they deserve after an accident. If you have been injured and don’t believe that you were at fault, then you could be eligible for making an accident claim in Sheffield.

You can view our dedicated website for accident compensation claims in Sheffield here, at – Personal Injury Claims Sheffield.

Call Our Freephone Number Now on 01252354433^ – 24/7 and 365 Days a Year – Our specialists are ready and waiting now to take your call. Simply call us and tell us what happened so we can tell you whether you are due personal injury compensation. No win no fee* and free phone consultation available now.

Making Accident Injury Claims in Sheffield Easy & Simple

The process of claiming with us is made very simple. You call us on our 24 hours a day helpline and immediately one of our specialists will ask you some simple questions about the accident. Based on this free and private phone consultation we can quickly tell you whether or not you can make an accident injury claim.

If you are eligible then we will refer you to one of our partner personal injury solicitors for the Sheffield area. Your accident claims solicitor will then represent you and your case. All of our solicitors are very friendly, easy to understand, and committed to getting you the justice that you deserve.

No Win No Fee Solicitors

Personal Injury Solicitors SheffieldWe work on a no win no fee* agreement for all Sheffield accident claims which means you don’t have to pay any expensive up-front legal fees to use the services of our Yorkshire lawyers. We really do endeavour to make the process as quick and as easy as possible because we want you to make a personal injury claim with the least fuss and worry.

If you have concerns about having to appear in court then please note that in the majority of cases involved personal injury claims for Sheffield clients, there is no need to appear. Most accident claims will be resolved outside of court and managed via the insurance companies with our personal injury solicitors doing the negotiations.

What We Might Need From You

In terms of what we might need from you in order to make a successful accident claim in Sheffield, then the following aspects and items can make a great help in supporting your personal injury claim.

  • Details of any witnesses
  • Police records if they were called
  • Hospital and doctor’s notes
  • Photographic or video evidence if available
  • Copy of the employer’s accident record book if at work
  • Any receipts relating to expenses due to the accident
  • A record of lost wages
  • Medical expenses incurred

Accident Claims Compensation Sheffield: What You Can Claim For

Now please don’t worry if you don’t have any of the above. It is the job of our personal injury solicitors to help gather evidences and supporting documentation.

If you unsure about whether you can take advantage of our Sheffield accident and injury claims team then just call and we can tell you what we will need from you.

In terms of accident claims compensation, Sheffield clients could expect to receive compensation for the following aspects depending on how severe and long-lasting the injuries incurred were:

  • Compensation for psychological suffering
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for loss of earning and wages
  • Re-payments of any expenses incurred due to the accident
  • Payment of medical bills both now and in the future
  • Compensation for loss of property

Personal Injury Solicitors for Sheffield Clients

When you use our services, our personal injury lawyers will always strive to ensure that accident claims compensation comes to you as quickly as possible. In some cases, your lawyer will also look for interim payments to help cover immediate expenses that you might have.

The types of accident injury claims in Sheffield that we can help and support with are hugely varied. Below is a sample list of the types of personal injury claim that our partner lawyers have managed in the past. Just because you don’t see one relating to you on the list, doesn’t mean that you can’t claim – just call us and tell us what happened so we can guide you.

Work Accident Claims in Sheffield

One of the more common types of enquiry we have is claims relating to having an accident at work in Sheffield or South Yorkshire. Understandably you might have concerns about taking legal action against a current employer. Let us put your mind at ease.

Firstly, when you call our helpline your call will be entirely confidential and private. Secondly, please be aware that if you decide to make an accident at work claim then any personal injury compensation will typically be paid for via an insurance policy your employer will have – they are required by employment law to have this. So, any payments will not come directly from your employer’s pocket.

In addition to those aspects a company or business is not legally permitted to discriminate against an employee who has made a personal injury claim against them. It’s illegal to sack, fire, or discriminate against people who work for you in this manner.

If you would like to talk to us in private about what your options are then please call our helpline now so we can help you to start a Sheffield work accident claim.

Car Accident Claims in Sheffield

Probably the most common case that we handle related to road traffic accidents and car crashes. Our lawyers will work to ensure that you receive more compensation than the insurance companies will typically offer you.

That’s why we always recommend using a solicitor who specialises in car crash claims or road traffic accidents in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area as they will fight your corner so you get justice.

Helpful Contacts in Sheffield

As well as a personal injury and accident solicitor in Sheffield, there could be other organisations and contacts that could help you after an event requiring a compensation pay-out. Below are our recommendations on some useful local contacts.

Sheffield Police
South Yorkshire Police Headquarters, Carbrook House, Carbrook, Sheffield, S9 2DB
Tel: 0114 2196905

Sheffield Courts
The Law Courts, 50 West Bar, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S3 8PH
Tel: 0114 281 2400

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