Bus Accident Compensation Claims

Been injured during an accident on a bus or as a pedestrian? Let us help you to claim your rightful amount of personal injury compensation. Coach and bus accident claims are more commonplace nowadays as the rise in public transport use has increased. Whether you fell over or were hurt during a road and traffic accident, we can offer free and quick guidance over the telephone about how to proceed on a no win no fee* basis.

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Bus Accident Compensation Claims

Coaches and buses are designed to carry many passengers, and by law, it’s possible to offer both standing and seating areas. As you can imagine, this can mean that personal injuries are more commonplace for a variety of reasons including crashes, collisions, braking, and falling down the stairs (on double-decker buses). It might also be that you were hit by a bus. We can also work on these cases for you as we are experts at pedestrian accident compensation and personal injury.

The clients that we work on bus accident claims with will typically call us and describe injuries such as the following which have led them to consult our lawyers and solicitors about bus accident compensation claims:

Our Bus Accident Claims Lawyers & Solicitors

Bus accident claims are never that straight-forward, as in many cases it can be hard to apportion blame and liability.  However, our bus accident solicitors and lawyers have an excellent track record in winning multiple bus accident claim cases. That’s why we are considered to be amongst the leading road traffic accident lawyers in the whole of the UK.

Bus Accident Claims for Compensation

What we will do once you call for your free consultation is look into the circumstances surrounding the bus crash, coach crash, or accident and try to identify where the blame lies. You cannot win bus crash compensation without a third party being responsible.

So for example, if you were injured and were a passenger on the coach or bus, then the first thing we will look at are factors such as the bus driver, fellow passengers, another car on the road, a badly maintained road, or any other potential reason why the accident might have happened. If we feel that we can successfully prove that you were not to blame for the personal injury then we will proceed with the legal course of action.

What Constitutes a Bus Accident Claim?

Further up the page we detailed some of the typical injuries and scenarios that can be involved with bus accident claims. However, it’s not always that straight-forward. Just because there wasn’t an actual bus crash, that doesn’t disqualify you from the compensation process.

For example, the bus or coach could brake suddenly causing you to fall or bang your head. Even if you don’t have physical signs of a personal injury, you can still make accident on bus claims. This is even more relevant if you needed time off work, had loss of earnings, or suffered any pain of any form.

How to Make Bus Accident Claims

You won’t know if you are eligible for personal injury compensation unless you call us. We will spend a few minutes discussing the accident with you, trying to understand the circumstances, getting details of any witness, and any records.

Just like any other form of personal injury claim, we will need to gather evidence that proves either another passenger, the bus or coach driver, or another road user was at fault. If we have this then we have an admissible bus accident compensation claim and we be able to represent you.

The bus accident claims that tend to receive higher compensation awards are the ones where medical treatment was required and police involvement. Make sure to take any records of what happened, although we will be able to ask your doctor, a hospital, or the local police for these too.

So to confirm, if we then feel that there is case to answer, and somebody else was to blame for your injury, at that point we will pass you over to one of our partner solicitors who will be in your local area. The entire process works on a no win no fee* agreement meaning there is no financial risk to you whilst you benefit from our specialist bus accident claim knowledge.

Statistics on Bus Crashes (Including Coaches)

We are currently waiting for new and more up to date data to be released by the National Office of Statistics, but the numbers for 2012 make for particularly interesting reading, and just show the extent of bus accident and injuries that happen during a 12 month period on average.

Bus Accident Compensation
Bus accidents are more common than you might think and result in many personal injury cases. Image copyright of flickr.com/photos/didbygraham

The year 2012 saw nearly 5,000 passengers either injured or killed whilst travelling on, or when involved in a bus crash. Whilst this number decreased when compared to previous years, it still shows that the likelihood for being injured whilst on public transport buses is statistically quite high.

Bus companies in the UK have very high standards that they need to conform to in terms of Health and Safety, but even so, injuries will still happen due to the nature by which passengers are asked to travel in. With standing areas becoming more cramped and potentially dangerous, bus accident claims are probably going to continue to be a hot topic in the personal injury industry for many years to come.

This is why we are so committed to making sure that all of our clients are adequately represented with the best possible expertise when it comes to claiming for coach accident claims and bus accident compensation.

How to Avoid Personal Injury on Buses

More than anything we want you to remain safe, and to not need the services of a personal injury solicitor. We asked a Health and Safety expert to give us a quick set of guidelines to help you avoid getting hurt, so you don’t have to make a bus accident claim.

Mind the Gap or Kerb – Be careful when stepping on to a bus, or when getting off. This is a particular danger point for elderly passengers, people with pushchairs, or those carrying heavy items.

Get Seated Quickly – Unfortunately many bus drivers will pull away whilst their passengers are still trying to find a suitable seat. Once on the bus try to get seated as soon as possible so they you reduce the chance of a fall.

Be Careful When Standing – The bus or coach gangway can be hazardous as many people might have a trailing foot stuck out, or some shopping, or other item in the way that you don’t see. Look where you are walking and standing at all times to avoid a trip.

Use a Seatbelt if Provided – Most buses will not have seatbelts for passengers, but many coaches will. If the bus or coach you are travelling on has seatbelts fitted then make sure you use them to reduce the chance of injury via whiplash and sudden braking.

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