Equestrian Accident Claims

With around 3 million riders in the UK alone, including both adults and children, there are a high number of horse-riding accidents reported each year. You can be as skilled and as an experienced rider as you can be, yet accidents and personal injury can still happen. In fact, most riders have reported that at some point during their riding career they have been hurt.  If that applies to you then we can help with equestrian and horse riding accident claims.

Horse Riding Personal Injury Claim – If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an injury whilst riding and it was not your fault, then it’s very likely that you could claim for personal injury compensation. If you unsure about where the responsibility lies for the horse riding accident claim and need guidance from specialist equestrian accident claims solicitors then call us now on our Freephone number 01252354433^.

Equestrian Accident Claims – Common Types

We deal with a number of different cases each year concerning horse riders and equestrians. Some of the more common types of compensation claims that our personal injury solicitors are instructed to deal with include the following.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but simply intended to be a guide for you to reference when speaking to us about your accident claim.

  • An injury due to faulty equipment including bridles, saddles, reins, and girths
  • Falls from the horse where the girth is not properly affixed to the animal
  • Falls and injuries occurring on unsuitable riding surfaces
  • Accidents involving motor vehicles
  • Accidents at work or competitions
  • Riding accidents where the animal has unsuitable temperament
  • Poor trained instructors or accidents occurring from mismanagement
  • Bites and kicks
  • Horses falling on top of the rider

Make a Horse Riding Personal Injury Claim

If you have an equestrian accident claim that falls into any of those categories or similar and would like to explore making a horse riding claim then do call us now. We offer free and professional guidance, and have a selection of personal injury solicitors who are well versed in winning accident compensation for equestrian accidents and injuries.

Equestrian accident claims and horse riding

Horse riding accidents can results in a variety of injuries ranging from the serious and life-threatening ones to cuts, bruises, and breaks. All of these can be considered for horse-riding accident claims and equestrian accident claims and we have successfully settled compensations both inside and out of court for our clients.  We have had to deal with injuries such as broken bones, grazes, cuts, and even more serious types such as spinal cord injuries and brain damage.

With some horses being able to hit speeds of nearly forty miles per hour, the chance of serious injury is very high, even for the most experienced of equestrians. Falls are the most common type of equestrian accident claim and can happen for a multitude of reasons.

How Horse Accidents Can Happen on the Road

Claims can happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you lost concentration, perhaps the girth was not tight enough, or maybe the horse was spooked and threw you to the ground. Something that we deal with quite a lot nowadays is the negligence of a car driver or other road user who has caused the accident or injury. All of these types can be covered by personal injury law, and if you call us you will be assigned a specialist solicitor to deal with your claim each and every step of the way.

Tips on Safe Horse-Riding to Avoid Accidents

Whilst we are here for you in the event of needing to make a claim, we’d rather you didn’t need to come and see us at all!  There are a number of safety measures and preventative actions that horse riders and equestrians can take to help to avoid accidents and injuries whilst horse-riding. Here are some short guidelines which should reduce the need for you to make get started (link to our video).

  • Complete the Riding Road Safety Test from the British Horse Society
  • Buy and use a properly designed and standard tested helmet that fits
  • Don’t ride in any shoes other than correct riding boots
  • Always use a qualified horse-riding instructor – for a list see the BHS again
  • Never ride alone if you are in a remote part of the countryside
  • Wear brightly coloured clothes, ideally fluorescent if on the road
  • Invest in back protection equipment
  • Only ever ride a horse that you manage with your experience
  • Before setting off check that everything is tightened correctly

Horse Riding Accident Claims and Compensation

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