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Did you know that 1.2 million people suffer from work-related illness each year? Although steps are taken to prevent accidents in the workplace, they still happen and when they do it’s essential that you have the help and support of a solicitor who can help you in receiving compensation. We are specialists in work accident claims and Newcastle workers can call us now on our 24 hours a day helpline for free guidance  now.

Starting an accident at work compensation claim is easy. By calling us on 01252354433^, we can quickly assess your case, and then give you an indication on whether or not you are eligible. If you are we will then appoint you a personal injury solicitor who specialises in helping Newcastle workers receive the justice that they deserve.

If you have any concerns about taking legal action then please read the rest of this page, or alternatively call us so we can tell you in more detail what could be possible.

Work Accident Claims: Newcastle

Work accidents can have a significant impact on people’s lives. As a result, you may be off work for an extended period, require medical treatment and a period of rehabilitation.

If you were injured in an accident at work, which was not your fault and you would like to know if you are entitled to make a compensation claim, then call one of our no win no fee* accident at work solicitors on our Freephone number today.

Accident at Work in Newcastle and Want to Claim?

All of our expert personal injury solicitors have years of experience in making claims for accidents at work in Newcastle and the North East of England. Our expert lawyers have experience in helping with in all types of injury at work, ranging from minor sprains to chemical accidents, brain injuries and paralysis.

If you would like to discuss making a claim, then call one of our expert solicitors in Newcastle, on our Freephone number today. Further, all our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis*, which takes away the financial worry of making a claim.

Do I Have an Accident at Work Claim?

Work Accident Claims NewcastleMany people, including your employer, owe you a duty of care. If your work accident was not your fault and took place in the last three years, then it is likely that you have a work accident claim. In cases involving industrial disease, such as asbestos, or cases involving those under the age of 21, you have a longer period to claim.

The types of work accident claims in Newcastle we can help with include, but are not limited to:

If you remain in any doubt about whether or not you have a claim, or wish to begin your claim, contact us today for your free consultation. After taking the initial details of your case, the staff at our UK-based helpline will be able to tell you whether or not you have a claim. If you do, you will be assigned one of our specialist accident at work solicitors in the Newcastle area.

What are an Employer’s Responsibilities?

All employers have a responsibility to protect their employees, contractors and visitors from accidents and injuries, and they must take steps to ensure that their employees have a safe working environment.

In the UK, employers have legal obligations to keep their staff safe in the workplace. If your employer fails to observe these duties and you suffer an injury as a result, then you may be entitled to work injury compensation.

People are often worried about taking legal action against their employer but please, don’t be. Any compensation will be paid for from your employer’s insurance policy – which is in place for such cases.

It is also illegal for your company to discriminate against you if you have had to make an accident claim.

Can You Make a Work Accident Claim in Newcastle?

You can make an accident compensation claim if you have had an accident at work in the last three years that was caused by your employer’s breach of duty or by the negligence of another staff member. This period will be extended if you are under 21 or for claims involving certain industrial diseases such as asbestosis.

A workplace claim may also be brought by a spouse or family member if someone has died as a result of their workplace injury.

We understand that raising a claim against your employer can be sensitive, and that’s why we always treat accident at work claims with the utmost care. If you would like to discuss your case in confidence, and find out if you can make a claim, call our Freephone number to talk to one of our expert accident at work solicitors today.

How Much Personal Injury Compensation Can You Claim For?

Due to the fact that every personal injury case is different, it is impossible to predict how much accident at work compensation you will receive.

Awards are based on many different factors, including your injury and suffering, any rehabilitation you required and any loss of earnings you have as a result of your accident. The court will also take into account any steps your employer took to reduce your chance of an injury.

You also have a duty to make your employer aware of any accident that happens while at work, and if you are in any way responsible for your accident, this may have an impact on the amount of compensation the courts are willing to give. However, even if you are partially responsible for the accident, you may still be able to make a claim.

Remember: no two injuries will ever be the same and financial awards for compensation are awarded on an individual basis and depend on the facts surrounding your case. To get an accurate picture if the amount of compensation you may be entitled to, call one of our accident at work team to discuss your case.

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