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If you have suffered an accident in Cardiff, Accident Claims UK can help you to secure maximum compensation for your injuries. Our accident claims solicitors are available now. Call our 24 hours a day helpline on 01252354433^ to find out if you qualify for compensation.

You can view our dedicated website for making compensation claims for personal injuries in Cardiff here at – Personal Injury Claims Cardiff

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Making an Accident Claim in Cardiff Quickly & Easily

Our accident claims team have over 15 years of experience in handling personal injury claims and supporting people through the process of making a claim. Get in touch with our dedicated team today to find out how we could help you. With just one quick call we can tell you what you could be owed. It really is that simple.

Our accident solicitors for Cardiff all work on a no win no fee* agreement, and have decades of experience in helping people around the UK get the justice that they deserve after an injury that wasn’t their fault.

Make a Personal Injury Claim in Cardiff

Many people who have been involved in an accident are daunted by the prospect of making a claim for their injuries. You may be unsure of what steps need to be taken and may be struggling understand exactly what is involved in the process.

There are several criteria that you must meet in order to make a claim. Firstly, someone (e.g. this could be an employer or local council) must have owed you a duty of care. Secondly, you must have suffered an injury as a result of their failings to meet the required standard of care. Our expert team can help you with making a personal injury claim though our simple process:

  1. Contact us today by phone or by completing our online enquiry form. After examining the details of your accident, our team can quickly inform you as to whether you can make a personal injury claim.
  2. If we believe you can make a claim, we will need additional details about the accident from you.
  3. We can then assign your case to a personal injury lawyer local to you.

Evidence Required in a Personal Injury Claim

The more evidence you can gather to support you case, the stronger your case will be. For example, if you have been involved in a road traffic accident you should report this to the police so that an incident report can be created.

You should also report your injuries to a doctor who will take a note of your symptoms and ailments. Eyewitness evidence can also be very important so you should try to take a note of the contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident taking place.

What Can You Claim Compensation For?

No matter what kind of accident you have suffered, our personal injury team have a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to assist you.
The accident and injury types that we can help you with includes, but is not limited to:

Why Choose Us Our Accident Solicitors in Cardiff?

Accident Solicitors Cardiff - Personal Injury LawyersThe most important aspect of making a claim is finding a personal injury lawyer who is right for you. The time following an injury can be a challenging and stressful time for you and you loved ones. In addition to the trauma of being involved in an injury, you may be dealing with extreme pain or mobility issues as a result of your accident. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, you may be finding it difficult, or even impossible, to return to work.

If you are suffering as a result of someone else’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated for your loss. Our process starts with a no obligation discussion with a member of our team who will listen to the details of your accident and injuries. They will be able to assess whether you are able to make a claim. Then you will be passed to a local personal injury lawyer who is best served to meet your needs.

Our accident claim experts are available around the clock to take your call and answer your questions. As highly experienced accident claims handlers, we can understand what you have been through and are dedicated to helping you secure the maximum compensation for your loss.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claim in Cardiff

We take personal injury cases on a no win no fee* basis. No win no fee* is a contract between the solicitor and client which means that the client will not have to pay any fees to the solicitor if the claim for compensation is unsuccessful. Another benefit of no win no fee* is that you do not have to get the funds together before starting your claim. No win no fee* allows you to start your claim without worrying about legal fees.

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Being involved in an accident can have a huge impact on your life. Claiming compensation can help you to get your life back on track and can help you adjust to life with your injury. Contact our friendly team today by completing our online enquiry form or calling our Freephone number – 01252354433^.

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