Rugby Injury Claims

As a contact sport, rugby sees higher than average sports injury claims.  Rucks, packs, scrums, mauls, and heavy tackling have a history of causing serious injury, and in some cases have led to life-changing events. We are specialists in claiming for compensation for rugby accidents and injuries and work on a no win no fee* agreement.

Make a Rugby Injury Compensation Claim – If you have been the victim of a rugby injury and would like to talk to an expert now regarding making a compensation claim then please call us. Lines are Freephone and are open 24 hours a day and every day of the week. All calls are no-obligation and you will speak to a fully trained personal injury expert who will then refer you to one of our solicitors.

Typical Scenarios Leading to Rugby Injury Claims

Rugby injuries leading to compensation claims can arise from a wide variety of scenarios. Some of the more typical cases are listed below, although this are not comprehensive. Contact us regardless of how the injury occurred on the field.

Our rugby injury solicitors are ready and waiting to assist you with your rugby injury claim and accidents. We are experts in claiming for back, spinal, head, and arm injuries as well as fractures and breaks whilst on the field of play.

How to Make a Rugby Injury Compensation Claim

If you have been unfortunate to be injured on the field of play, and the accident was not your fault then you many be eligible for compensation.  Here’s our tick-list of what you should do, and how our rugby injury solicitors will work with you.

  • Call our Freephone telephone number at the top of the page
  • Talk to our accident claims experts about the injury
  • Make sure to gather any witness contact details
  • Our rugby injury claims expert will tell you if you can make a claim

If we do believe that you are eligible, you will then be assigned a personal injury solicitor to deal with your case.

Rugby Injury Solicitors Available
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Rugby Injury Solicitors: You’re In The Right Hands

The solicitors that we work with have experience in helping people in sporting injury claims, whether that’s horse riding accidents, football injuries, accidents in the gym, or for those playing rugby. In fact, many of the solicitors that we work with are avid followers of rugby, and have played the game themselves.

When you make a compensation claim for a rugby injury, it’s important to know that you are in the right hands. That’s why we will always try to pair you up with a rugby injury solicitor local to you, and ideally with one who has an experience in dealing with these types of claims.

Rugby Injury Claims

Whilst we can’t always promise that your solicitor will be a rugby fan, as the logistics might not be feasible, we will ensure that the legal representation you receive is of the highest quality. Hopefully it will be an added bonus that your representation is a fan, but ultimately the important thing is to ensure that you receive the best guidance possible, leading to the best possible outcome.

Rugby Injury Claims and Injuries Are Common

Rugby and sporting accident injury claims are actually very common place.  With a sport such as this which involves a large degree of physical contact, it’s inevitable that injuries can occur.  Rugby is very different to other sports though, as in worst case scenarios, spinal cord damage and head injuries can unfortunately happen.  We have helped clients who play Rugby League and Rugby Union and have successfully won very large compensation cases of this nature.

We often see cases where poor refereeing has been to blame, sometimes the pitch, and in other cases pure aggression and assault from opponents. We have successfully settled out of court settlements for negligence against players, team mates, opposing teams, and sports facilities for these type of cases.

Rugby has seen many cases in recent years where injuries on the field of play have led to serious injuries to the spine, meaning victims have been left with paraplegia and quadriplegia – sometimes due to scrums collapsing.  Whilst these are rarer than standard injuries, they can happen and typically result in very complex and lengthy legal cases for rugby injury compensation.

What to Do if Injured Playing Rugby

It goes without saying that you should always seek medical treatment first and foremost if hurt playing rugby.  Did you also know that the Rugby Football Union (RFU) also has guidance in place for injury reporting which is essential to also complete?  The forms can be found and downloaded from the RFU’s website – but once you have done that please call us so that we can offer practical and professional guidance on your rugby injury claim.  We also offer guidance on gym injury compensation.

Rugby Injury Claims – Play Safe & Prevent Injuries

Of course, we would rather than you don’t suffer whilst playing, and just like we tell our football personal injury clients, safe play is paramount.  Here’s a great video from Steve Reed, highlighting some injury prevention strategies for rugby players.

We recommend that anybody interested in starting up rugby to check the RFU website for a club with professional and qualified coaches in order to reduce the chance of having to make rugby injury claims.

Statistics and Data on Rugby Injuries

Due to the nature of rugby, it’s one sport which has a high rate of injury, some being very serious and life-changing.  Believe it or not, there’s data available which shows that a quarter of all players will suffer from an injury at some point during the season.  Rugby players are said to make around thirty tackles on average in each match played, and each tackle is a potential injury waiting to happen.  Medical statistics have shown that one in four neck injuries will happen due to two teams being mismatched in the front row – which is where some of the most serious accidents can occur.

Compared to other sports such as football, rugby injury rates are up to three times more likely to occur.  The age groups at most risk are younger players from ten to eighteen, and the 25 years old and up age group are also very susceptible to injury.

Recent statistical data has reported that accidents will happen more likely during specific times during the match, and are also more likely depending on a player’s position within the team.  For example, the second half of a match is when an injury is more likely to occur.

Data By Player Type

Also, hookers and flankers are more susceptible to injury due to the nature of their role on the pitch.  A comparison between forwards and backs found that the forwards were injured more too as they tend to be in tackles more often.  Obviously the scrum can be a flashpoint too, and the data found that locks are most at risk.

Rugby Injury Type

40% muscular, bruises, and strains whilst 30% are sprains

  • Sprained ankles account for 1 in 7 reports
  • Up to 25% of cases involve head injuries
  • Young players suffer a 35% rate of fracture
  • 44% of head injuries are concussion cases

Preparation Is Imperative

Studies have also shown that effective pre-season preparation and training can help to prevent rugby injuries. This is because most cases occur during the early part of the season, so it make sense that better preparation could reduce this statistic. Experts say that by having a pre-season training program which slowly increases in intensity means that the players are better prepared for the season ahead.

Professional coaches and physicians involved in the game suggest that the following factors could help to reduce rugby injury claims and cases:

  • Coaching of defensive tactics and skills
  • Coaching of a correct and proper tackling method
  • Coaching players how to fall to better protect themselves
  • Coaching on how to reduce the impact of an incoming tackle

Recommended Rugby Injury Charities

We will support and help you every step of the way during your rehabilitation. We will offer you guidance on how you can start to re-build your life in the case of serious injury. Some of the charities which you might be referred to for additional support include the following listed below (and you can also check the various country RFU websites for more information):

Rugby Injury Compensation Claim

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