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Making a personal injury claim for an accident that occurred whilst playing sport (or even spectating) is easy. You just need to pick the phone and call us today so we can give you free and independent guidance on whether you can claim for compensation. We are leading experts in sports injury law, sports injury guidance, and accident claims.

Call to Talk About Sports Injury Claims – Our personal injury solicitors are just a free phone call away and will quickly guide you on whether we can help you to make a sports injury claim for an accident that you have suffered. Whether playing football, rugby, horse-riding, in the gym, or any other sport-related injury, then we can work on a no win no fee* agreement.

Sports Personal Injury Compensation

The sports injury claims that we deal with don’t always happen to involve professional sportsmen and women.  They can apply to any member of the UK public who has been injured during the course of playing sports and would like to make a personal injury claim for compensation.  This even goes so far as to include sports spectators.

According to Sport England and the BBC, nearly 16 million play sport in the United Kingdom.  That’s a huge proportion of the population, and for many of these people sport is actually their profession.

Sports Personal Injury Law – Call the Experts

With any form of sporting activity, there are inherent dangers and the likelihood of injury occurring, with our solicitors dealing with hundreds of cases each year ranging from football player personal injury claims, to accident claims in the gym, and also rugby accident compensation and horse-riding injury claims.

In fact, we have dealt with so many different sports injury claims that it would be difficult to list them all in detail on our website such is the wide range of sporting accidents that occur inside of the UK every single year.

Sports Injury Compensation
Statistics on UK sports participation from 2012 – courtesy of the BBC and Sports England. Rugby image copyright:

Recent statistics from the BBC went into a lot of detail on how many people are playing sports. Many of these people will have suffered a sporting injury and need guidance on how to claim for compensation. That’s where we come in. We offer no win no fee* legal assistance and expert sporting personal injury solicitors who will manage your sports injury claim from start to finish, designed to get you the maximum amount of personal injury compensation that you deserve.

Common Sports for Sports Injury Claims

Whilst we are able to claim personal injury compensation for any form of sporting injury, here are a selection of sports where we see the most of our sports injury guidance being afforded to:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Horse Riding and Equestrian
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Hockey

If you have been injured and want to investigate our sports injury claims process, then please be aware that we offer a no win no fee* process, so it’s no risk financially to you to start the personal injury compensation claim.

Sports Injury Claims Compensation

If the injury occurred due to the fault of a third party then you will be able to proceed. Perhaps this was some form of recklessness on another person’s behalf, or poorly maintained sporting equipment and facilities.  If you can prove the accident was not your fault then it’s likely you can talk to us about sports personal injury law.

How Sporting Injuries and Accidents Occur

A sporting injury and accident can happen in any circumstance. Accidents most commonly occur (and thus qualify as sports injury claims) in the following types of scenarios:

  • Dangerous tackles on the pitch, for example in rugby or football
  • Poorly maintained or dangerous sporting pitches (chemical, glass, un-even ground)
  • Assaults and violence whist playing sports (from opponent, team mate, or spectator)
  • Faulty or damaged sporting equipment
  • Bad management and coaching leading to injury

Sports Spectator Injury Claims

As we mentioned, you don’t even need to be playing sport to be able to claims for sports injury compensation. We have also had personal injury cases where we have helped spectators out with legal guidance:

  • Riots or sporting hooliganism leading to assault and injury
  • Being hit by sports equipment such as a ball flying into the crowd
  • Stadium or seating malfunctions leading to death or serious injury
  • Automotive injuries, for example a rally car leaving the road

Sports injury claims don’t always affect adult participants. You might also have a child who was hurt at school whilst involved in a PE lesson. For children, sporting injury claims can be processed legally up to the age of 21, whereas adult personal injury claims need to be made within three years of the accident happening.

Injury types that we can help claim sports injury compensation for can include aspects such as leg and arm breaks, fractures, bruising, cuts, and ligament damage. In more serious cases we are even able to act on a family’s behalf where a loved one has died whilst playing sport. Many cases will involve aspects where the victim has had life-changing injuries due to a sporting accident such as spinal damage, brain damage, and paralysis (more common injury in rugby and horse-riding). We have some of the very best brain injury solicitors in the UK working with us.

How to Make a Sports Injury Claim

As mentioned we operate on a no win no fee* basis agreement, with our call centre being open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Should you wish to talk to us about sports injury claims then please follow the outlined set of points:

  • Firstly ensure that you have received medical treatment, and ensure everything is logged on your medical records.  This will support any costs we need to claim back.
  • Make sure that you gather any witness statements, or at the very least get some contact details.  This will help us to build up your compensation claim for a sports injury and will help us prove liability.
  • Call our accident claims helpline and speak to our experts.  We will then assess your sports injury claim and assign you a personal injury solicitor with experience in handing sports injury law.
  • Complete the documents and check-lists that your solicitor provides you.  Follow their sports injury guidance, as this will mean that the claim is processed as quickly as possible, plus will result in a quicker compensation pay-out.

How Much Compensation Will You Get?

There is no accurate answer to this question until we have fully assessed the claim and after speaking to you, and assigning you a sports personal injury solicitor.  What we will do though is aim to get the highest compensation possible, but this will be based on some supporting factors such as pain and suffering endured, distress, loss of earnings, time off work, expenses and costs accrued as part of the sports injury claim.

We work tirelessly to try and make sure that we re-coup 100% of any financial losses that you will have suffered whilst injured from playing sport.  In some circumstances we will even get an advance on the sports injury compensation before the final verdict so that you can be supported and rehabilitated during the legal process.

Sports injury claims tend to involve a lot of different factors compared to standard personal injury claims.  In the cases of professional sportsmen and women this is even more so as their livelihood depends on them being able to make a living from playing sports.  In cases such as this, we will claim for loss of any future earnings.

In the very rare cases where death is involved in a sports injury claim, then we will work to claim a large settlement for the family involved as well as any funeral expenses and associated costs.  In other serious cases where nursing care is needed, including adapted homes for the disabled and unique transport requirements then those will also be accounted for.

Why Work With Us?

With Accident Claims UK you are in safe hands.  With years of experience in handling sports injury and accident claims there really is no better company to choose.  Call us today to start making a claim for compensation.

Help from Sports Injury Charities

Throughout the sports personal injury law process, we work to ensure that our clients receive the best care and attention possible. Sometimes that will involve working with sports injury charities. Below is a small selection of recommended charities and organisations.

Sports Personal Injury Law


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