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The constant use we make of our hands means they are susceptible to various types of harm, including finger and thumb breaks or amputations, industrial injuries such as vibration white finger (also known as hand-arm vibration syndrome) and crush injuries. Because hands are of vital functional importance, any damage to them can attract large amounts of compensation if the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence.

If you have suffered an injury to your hand that wasn’t your fault, the personal injury specialists at Accident Claims UK have the relevant knowledge and expertise to help you get the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to for a hand injury claim.

Making a Hand Injury Compensation Claim

Hand Injury CompensationHand injuries can happen in any number of situations and, regardless of the level of severity, have the potential to be the subject of a financial compensation claim if they are caused by someone else’s actions or omissions.

The important point is that where you injure your hand in an accident that is caused by someone else, i.e. It was not your fault, then the law holds the person who caused the accident responsible, meaning you might be entitled to compensation.

To successfully claim compensation for a hand injury it is necessary to pass a legal test. Ultimately, it needs to be proven that someone else caused your injury. In personal injury law, before anyone can be held liable for causing your injury, it needs to be shown that they had a ‘duty of care’ in respect of your safety. This is not as rigid as it may appear. It simply relates to a responsibility not to do (or fail to do anything) that could cause an accident and make you suffer an injury.

A duty of care is fairly easy to identify: employers owe a duty of care to maintain a safe working environment for their employees; drivers on the UK’s roads are expected to conduct themselves in a way that does not threaten the safety of other road users or pedestrians; and local authorities are must maintain public areas in a reasonable condition, so as to not cause injury to members of the public that make use of them.

Demonstration of the existence of a duty of care owed to you, its breach and that this was the cause of your injury are the three legal criteria that need to be met before a personal injury claim can succeed.

Any action for personal injury compensation needs to follow a strict process and procedural rules, such as observing strict deadlines and meeting all the necessary evidential requirements. To have the best possible chance of success, claims for personal injury compensation must also be conducted with the requisite level of skill, particularly during negotiations or court proceedings.

It is therefore important that your claim is handled by an experienced solicitor who understands the process of pursuing compensation claims and can also ensure you receive the maximum level of compensation you are legally entitled to.

Ultimately, hand injuries can, and often do, warrant some level of financial compensation when they have been caused by another’s negligence. It is important that if your hand has been hurt, you speak to someone who will be able to investigate your case and provide objective guidance on the merits of raising a compensation claim.

Examples of Hand Injury Compensation Claims

We use our hands everyday for a range of activities: we use them for our work, to take care of ourselves and to interact with others. There is almost no aspect of our lives where our hands are not in use in some way.

It is for this reason that the risk of injury to them is particularly high, but also why compensation awards can be large when someone causes us to suffer damage to our hands. Below is a list of common injuries that our hands can suffer and the levels of compensation these injuries can attract – for more detailed compensation amounts please click here.

  • Lacerations – a deep cut to the hand can be particularly worrisome. Regardless as to the circumstances, a laceration to the hand may cause some degree of damage to the nerves, muscles or ligaments that contribute to our ability to use our hand. Not only can this be particularly painful, it can also result in reduced or loss of function. Depending on the severity of the injury, compensation for deep hand lacerations can range between £1,000 and £47,000.
  • Dislocations or fractures – the hand is a complex part of our body. It houses a huge number of arteries and ligaments, not to mention muscles, joints and bones. The joints can be particularly susceptible to dislocation or fracture, especially where the hand is forced into an unnatural position. This can be very painful to endure and have a significant impact on your life: severe cases may require you to spend time away from work, recuperating from your injury and attempting to cope with permanent disablement and impaired function. Severe dislocation of the thumb, for example, could attract up to £5,000, while severe fractures may warrant £28,000.
  • Crush injuries or amputation – injuries that lead to significant or total loss of use of the hands can attract anywhere between £42,000 and £153,000 in compensation. The amount awarded for the amputation of a finger depends on which finger is amputated: loss of a little finger could result in between £6,000 and £9,000, while loss of an index finger can reach up to £14,000.
  • Industrial injuries, such as vibration white finger and hand-arm vibration –compensation awards range between £2,000 and £29,000, to reflect the fact that the severity of these injuries depends on a number of factors, such as the number of fingers affected and the level of impairment.

Hand injuries can vary in complexity. While some may be relatively minor and heal in time, others may be so severe that they can completely alter the way that some people live: loss of an ability to use your hand could have dire implications for your continued ability to work, and to look after yourself.

Expert Hand Injury Compensation Solicitors

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