Product Liability & Defective Products Claims

If you have suffered an injury or have developed an illness because of a faulty product then you could be entitled to no win, no fee* compensation. Our specialist solicitors are dedicated to recovering compensation for those affected by faulty goods and could help you today.

Defective Goods & Purchases Claims

We use different goods and products for almost everything we do in life. We never worry that these products could potentially cause us harm. However, sometimes this occurs, and our lawyers make sure that the manufacturer, distributor, supplier or retailer who is to blame, is held accountable for the damage that the product has caused.

A defective good means that there is something not working properly within one of the good’s components or raw materials. Who is held accountable for the faultiness depends on what part of the product is defective – this could either be the manufacturer of the product, the manufacturer of one of the product’s components, or both. In some cases, the good is faulty because of the way it has been handled by suppliers and retailers, in this case, they are held liable.

Regardless of what sort of contractual limitations are placed on a product with regards to liability, we are able to recover compensation for you if it has been found to be faulty. The producer will be liable for damage under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) or the common law of negligence.

Making a Product Liability Claim for Compensation

Our lawyers are experienced in handling the intricacies involved in product liability claims. What they do require, however, if you are looking to pursue a claim for compensation, that you retain any evidence of the products failing.

Whether this is taking photographs of the damage that the good has caused, or even evidence of medical treatment received following the incident, anything that proves the products defectiveness can make a difference to the final compensation package that you receive.

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