Back Injury Compensation Calculator

A back injury after an accident can lead to severe financial strains. Our personal injury solicitors can help you to claim compensation for not just the injury, but also loss of wages, expenses, as well as the pain and suffering endured.

Many personal injury websites will offer an online back injury compensation calculator. Whilst these can give an indication on the ranges of compensation amounts available, they will never be truly accurate, and in fact, could mean that you will end up settling for less.

At Accident Claims UK we use our year of experience and personal touch in order to help our clients receive the maximum compensation payments after an injury – we don’t rely on automated back injury compensation calculators. In order to get a true indication of what you could be owed, nothing beats talking to an expert about how much you could be owed.

By calling our 24/7 helpline now, one of our specialist solicitors will give you a free phone consultation with no obligation, and will give you a much better indication on what money you might receive with our no win no fee* help and support. That’s far better than any back injury claim calculator that you find online will be able to do.

Back Injury Compensation Calculator

We Treat Clients as Individuals, Not as Numbers

To confirm, at Accident Claims UK we don’t believe that something as important as back injury compensation should be calculated via an online tool, which has no bearing on real life, and you as an individual.

We treat all calls and clients as individuals, and ask a few simple questions in order to get a more well-rounded understanding of your injury and circumstances involved. This then allows us to properly ascertain what could be owed as part of any settlement.

Back and spinal injuries will typically be very painful, as well as being debilitating. In the majority of cases that our solicitors have helped with, our clients may see a reduction in their quality of life, on a personal and working level.

Because of these ramifications, the compensation amounts involved reflect this. Back injury claims are difficult to calculate unless our solicitor has as much information as you can possibly provide, but generally speaking you should expect the payouts to be high compared to other types of common personal injury claim.

Back Injury Claim Calculator – Example Amounts

As an example, common back injuries can attract amounts of between £6,000 and £20,000. In more serious cases where clients suffer from paraplegia and quadriplegia then the awards can be much larger up to the £100,000s.

For some very rough guidelines, we have prepared some initial numbers that you can view online which could give you an indication on the compensation ranges involved. In the absence of any back injury settlement calculator, which by their nature will not be accurate, you could expect to receive the following settlement amounts.

  • Severe – from £29,475 to £122,350
  • Moderate – from £9,500 to £29,475
  • Minor – up to £9,500

Use a Real Solicitor: Not a Back Injury Settlement Calculator

back injury calculatorTo conclude, if you are thinking about using a law firm that gives settlement amounts based on an online back injury calculator, then we would ask that you think again.

With back and spinal injuries you need to use a firm that cares about you and wants the very best for you. Our solicitors leave no stone un-turned during the accident claims legal process and will fight tirelessly to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation amounts possible.

We do this without the need to rely on a back injury compensation calculator, but instead by using our years of experience, training, and specialism in back injury claims to ensure you are happy with the legal representation that you receive, and more importantly the settlement amounts.

To get started please call today for a no obligation free consultation with one of our specialists – we won’t use a back injury claim calculator. We will use our legal know how instead.

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