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Sports Clubs Can Be Liable for Injury Compensation Claims

Posted in: Sporting Injuries 

If you run a sports club, no matter at what kind of level, then you need to be aware of the legislation and law which can hold you liable for compensation if sporting injuries occur. In fact, it could be possible that a sports club can be put out of business. This  is why we always suggest that you are fully aware of your legal obligations towards the sports men and women who play whilst under your management. This is all due to a court ruling which means sport clubs are legally responsible for deliberate injuries caused by their own players towards an opposing team.

The reason that this law came about was due to a test case due to an incident that happened in 2005. Andrew Gravil, a rugby player for Halifax RFC was hit in the eye by an opposing player leading to quite a serious injury. The Appeal Court judge ruled that the punch from the opposing player was part of the game, and as such the rugby club itself was responsible for the injury, and any rugby injury compensation claim that would follow.

This type of ruling means that sports clubs should ensure that they have adequate insurance and premiums against such type of court judgements – but for semi-professional and part-time sports clubs this can lead to very prohibitive and expensive costs arising from sporting personal injury claims.

For Andrew Gravil, his fractured eye socket which meant he could not play rugby for half a year and was awarded nearly nine thousand pounds in personal injury compensation. However, after an appeal the opposing club whose player punched him actually had to stump up forty thousand pounds including legal fees as the court deemed them liable for the injuries. It can be an expensive game.

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