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Have you hurt your knee in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Are you unsure about the responsibility for the accident and would like to discuss knee injury compensation? As experts in knee injury claims we can quickly tell you whether or not you are able to claim money for a personal injury compensation claim.

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How Much Knee Injury Compensation Can You Claim?

By calling us and describing the nature of your knee injury claim, we can connect you with a specialist personal injury solicitor who will guide you through the no win no fee* compensation process, and calculate the costs that you are eligible for.

Broadly speaking, there are two distinct areas within which you can make a personal injury claim for knee injury compensation.  We have described those below, with real world examples of how this might affect you – you can also click here for more information on settlement amounts.

Pain and Suffering

The most immediate concern with any personal injury is the pain that you are in. Knee injuries can take many different forms including torn cartilage, fractured knee caps, and cruciate ligament injuries. The amount of knee injury compensation that you can claim for will vary from person to person, but will be assessed on an individual basis taking in to account factors such as how serious the knee injury was and for how long you were affected by it.

Knee Injury Claims for Personal Injury

Financial Loss (including Earnings & Expenses)

Many people who ask up to help them with knee injury claims will be affected financially as injuries of this type will commonly lead to an inability to work in many cases.  Some people will end up losing earnings as a result of a knee injury. At Accident Claims UK we will work to get upfront compensation payments whilst you recover, and before the final award has been agreed upon.

By working like this we can ensure that you can pay for the expenses typically accrued by a person suffering from a knee injury.  For examples items such as:

  • Medical equipment including knee braces and supports
  • Prescription charges for pain killers and medicine
  • Help at home from nurses or support workers
  • Travel expenses such as going to and from hospital appointments

Our approach to knee injury compensation means we calculate how much money you will need now and in the future.

Knee Injury Compensation Claim Types

Knee injuries come in many different forms. Here’s an overview of the type of knee injury claims that our no win no fee* personal injury solicitors have handled in the past successfully.

Knee Sprains

People suffering from a sprain or knee strain will be in a lot of pain.  This is because the tendons and muscle tissue in the knee will stretch, sometimes swelling up badly.  Sufferers will find it hard to walk or to apply any pressure to the knee.  Whilst knee sprains do tend to heal with the correct care and attention, you are still permitted to claim for personal injury compensation if this injury occurred through no fault of your own.

Knee Cartilage Injury (also known as Menisci Damage)

The Menisci is the part of your knee that works to limit damage due to impact. You can think of it like a shock absorber for the knee.  If this part of your knee suffers from a tear it can be very painful with swelling and occasional knee locks. Many sufferers will need an operation to repair the Menisci. Read a full definition here.

Bursitis Knee

For people who exert a lot of pressure on their knee in their daily life, they can suffer from Bursitis. This is where fluid gathers on the knee, leading to swelling, and the area will be very sensitive to touch. The knee becomes very inflamed and will sometimes need to be drained in order to heal correctly.

Ligament and Tendon Damage

The tissue connecting the leg bone to the joint of the knee are referred to as ligaments, and these are prone to tears. Many people who play sports will suffer from torn ligaments and classic symptoms include the knee giving way when pressure is applied to it. Ligament damage will often result in larger knee injury compensation payments.

Knee Injury Compensation - Anatomy of the Knee
The Anatomy of a Knee Joint – Image courtesy of the excellent website – visit them for innovative products to assist with injury rehabilitation.

Examples Knee Injury Compensation Amounts

Please note that the following numbers are estimates only, and each case will need to be treated individually by our personal injury specialists and knee injury claims team (these figures were generated in 2014).

  • Twisted Knee and Bruising: People who have suffered from a twisted knee injury and want to claim, and were fully recovered inside of 12 months could be looking at compensation of anything up to £5,000.
  • Twisted Knee with Continual Problems: Ligament injuries and damage will typical lead to problems in later life that might not go away.  If this is the case with your knee injury claim then figures occasionally reach up to £11,000.
  • Knee Injury with a Torn Cartilage: Dislocations, cartilage damage, and injuries of this type where you knee is significantly weakened and you need to use a brace then compensation for personal injury has reached upwards of £20,000 in the past.
  • Serious Knee Injury Claims: In worst case scenarios where the knee has suffered from a fracture, tears to cruciate ligaments, degenerative damage, or even replacement knee joints then some knee injury compensation claims have reached £65,000.

How do Knee Injury Claims Occur?

In our experience most knee personal injury claims relate to accidents where a person has fallen over and damaged their knee on the ground.  Accidents like this are known to damage the kneecap and lead to swelling and fractures.

In most cases, clients will find it hard to walk or to be truly mobile, but will make a full recovery over time. Even though the injury might not be particularly serious, it will still qualify for compensation.

This is because many personal injury claims for injuries to the knee can be attributed to the fault of a third party such as whilst at work. For example it could be a poorly maintained pavement, or water on the floor of a supermarket.

Other common examples where people have applied for knee injury compensation is for damage caused by sudden movement such as a twist.  These are very common whilst playing sports. A twisted knee injury can have wide ranging and long-term repercussions for the claimant as movement can be restricted and quality of life affected.

Can You Claim for Knee Injury Compensation?

Making knee injury claims boils down to fault. In all hinges on whether a third party is at fault for the accident or injuries. Whilst this might sound relatively straight-forward, it isn’t always as it will very much depend on the circumstances under which you were hurt in an accident.

Because personal injury law can be so complicated, it pays to contact a personal injury solicitor specialising in knee injury claims such as we are because we can very quickly assess the case and inform you on whether or not you can claim for compensation without the need to use a knee injury claims calculator.

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