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Slips, trips and falls are some of the most common injuries to occur both in the workplace and in other public places. The injuries sustained from slips, trips and falls vary quite dramatically from minor sprains, to very serious head injuries, back injuries, paralysis and in the worst cases fatalities.

Here at Accident Claims UK, we understand how even a minor slip, trip and fall injury could impact your everyday life and the lives of your loved ones. That is why our team are dedicated to providing an excellent level of customer service and keeping you informed about the progress of your claim. Our slip and fall lawyers and solicitors have many years of experience in helping people like you get the justice you deserve.

Does it matter where I slipped, tripped or fell?

It’s called “Public Liability” as such that accidents in public places are often caused by an organisation’s negligence in some form or another. A slip in a supermarket might be due to a careless member of staff, for instance. A store might have stray cabling – causing trips.

Generally, if you’re unsure, it’s best to call us on 01252354433^. At least, by speaking to an expert public liability claim manager, you’ll be able to find out if you have a case to claim for compensation.

How to Make a Claim

Making a slip, trip or fall claim can be difficult – especially when it comes to collecting evidence to support your claim. Depending on the circumstances, it can also be difficult to determine who you should make your claim against. However, Accidents Claims UK have years of experience in dealing with slip, trip and fall claims successfully, securing maximum compensation for victims of accidents.  If you are ready to begin your claim, get in contact with Accident Claims UK today to find out how we could help you.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents, UK

Slip and Falls Solicitors and ClaimsThere are many ways in which slip, trip or fall accidents can occur and many places you may be involved in an accident. Below is a summary of how and where most slip, trip and fall accidents occur to give you a better idea of whether you can make a compensation claim for your accident.

Slips normally occur in public places where a floor has become wet or where the floor is made of an inherently slippery material. Where a slip occurs in a workplace, this is usually the result of the negligence of an employee. For example, where a floor has been cleaned and not properly dried or where adequate signage has not been used to warn of a slippery floor. Where such negligence has occurred, the company may be held liable for any accidents that happen as a result of this negligence, where they have not implemented adequate health and safety procedures.

Similarly, where you trip and fall in the workplace this is usually because someone has acted negligently, or health and safety procedures have not been properly implemented or followed. For example, where debris has been left on the floor or cable not properly hidden away. Such minor avoidable actions can cause terrible injuries, and may leave you unable to work or carry out basic tasks for a long period of time. In these circumstances, you may be able to claim compensation from your employer for such an accident as they could be held liable for not ensuring your safety.

Also, where a trip or fall occurs in another public place, you may be able to make a claim against the owner of the premises. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a slip trip or fall, get in touch with Accident Claims UK today to find out if you have a claim.

How can I Make a Slip, Trip or Fall Claim?

Regardless of where your slip, trip or fall accident takes place, there are certain steps you can take to ensure the success of a subsequent compensation claim. You should make sure your accident is recorded in any accident book the premises may have.

Furthermore, you should be sure to note any details or useful information concerning your accident. This will be details such as the time and place, the nature of your accident and what caused your accident. If possible, take pictures of what caused your accident even if you ned to return later or have someone else do so. Slip, trip and fall accident claims are difficult to prove and so the more evidence you can gather the better. If you receive medical attention, make sure you receive a medical report outlining your injuries. Also, you should make not of any discomfort you experience, and even keep a diary. You should make note of any sleepless nights or difficulty carrying out everyday tasks. Noting such symptoms may assist your case when making a claim.

Also, when you contact Accident Claims UK, you will be assigned a specialist personal injury solicitor who can further guide you of what information is required to give your case the best chance of securing maximum compensation.

You specialist slip, trips and falls solicitor will also be best placed to guide you of who can be held liable for your accident and will build a claim against this party on the basis that they owed you a duty of care and were negligent in their actions.

Making a personal injury compensation claim

Your expert slip and fall solicitor will build your case and will represent you in meetings with the other side, and in court should court action be necessary. However, you will be required by your solicitor to provide as much information and evidence as possible to help make your case. Most personal injury claims settle outside of court. However, to secure the maximum amount of compensation, you will require a specialist personal injury solicitor to deal with the other side.

Settling a personal injury case involves building a strong case against the person responsible and negotiating a settlement with their legal representative or insurer. The specialist personal injury solicitors from Accident Claims UK have years of experience in negotiating personal injury settlements and will fight to ensure you get the maximum compensation owed to you. It is important to act quickly if you wish to make a claim, you must bring your claim up to three years from the date of your accident. However, it can take time to build a case and thus it is important that if you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, that you take action as soon as you are able.

How much compensation will I receive?

As the range of accidents and injuries that can occur involving a slip, trip or fall, it is difficult to say exactly how much you could be awarded for your injury. However, what we can tell you is what will be taken into account when determining how much compensation you might be awarded.

There are two kinds of compensation payments you could be awarded; these are general damages and special damages. Within these headings are what is known as ‘heads of claim’ – these are the other losses for which you could be awarded damages.

General damages are the damages you are awarded for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. Any notes on your suffering or difficulty that you have taken, or that have been noted by your medical practitioner will be taken into account when assessing how much you might receive in general damages. General damages are determined by previous awards depending on the severity of the injury. Damages awarded for slip; trip or fall injuries can be anywhere between £1000 to over £200,000 depending on the circumstances.

In addition to to general damages, you may also be awarded special damages. Special damages are awarded for any financial loss you may suffer as a result of your injury. Examples of special damages heads of claim include loss of earnings, loss of future earnings, care costs, and also any travel costs. This list is not exhaustive, and your specialist solicitor will be able to guide you of any heads of claim you may be entitled to.

Our specialist slip and fall solicitors have years of experience in making personal injury claims for slip, trip and fall accidents. This means that they are best placed to understand fully all the ways in which you have suffered loss, and how you should be compensated for that loss. Our experts also understand the evidence required to make your case and will work hard to ensure your receive the maximum compensation owed to you. Your assigned solicitor will present your case on your behalf,    and negotiate the compensation you deserve. Normally, personal injury cases settle outside of court, however if your case is particularly complicated or the other side refuses to settle, your solicitor will guide you on taking court action and can provide further representation. To find out how Accident Claims UK can help you claim compensation, contact us today.

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