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Have you recently damaged your ankle because someone else wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing? Did you ever stop to wonder whether or not you are entitled to financial compensation for a broken or sprained ankle?

Our team at Accident Claims UK is made up of highly experienced lawyers who specialise in personal injury compensation claims of this type, and have years of experience in winning high payouts for broken, sprained, and crushed ankle injuries. If you would like to know more about the possibility of securing financial compensation for an injury you have suffered that wasn’t your fault, please speak to our friendly and professional team today.

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Compensation for Broken Ankle Injuries

Broken ankle compensation will vary depending on your personal circumstances. We treat each client that we talk to, not as a number, but as an individual. When you call us we will ask a number of questions of you that are designed to help us secure the maximum broken ankle compensation payout for you.

It could be that you were involved in an accident at work, perhaps a car crash, or maybe a slip, trip, or fall. No matter what the circumstances are, we are confident that when you call us we will put you at ease, and quickly be able to tell you whether or not you have a case that we believe could be won.

The average compensation for an ankle injury is very much dependent on the circumstances surrounding the accident, and also the implications that is has for you both financially, and on a social level. For more information on how much compensation for broken ankle claims, please click this link to find out more. It’s not unheard for some ankle injury claims to reach as high as £50,000 in terms of compensation payouts received.

Compensation for Sprained Ankle Injuries

As with breaks, sprains are also entirely dependent on what has happened to you. But it’s not unusual for sprained ankle compensation claims to reach up to £10,000.

Many of our website visitors ask “can I claim for a sprained ankle” and the answer is a resounding yes. For more information you need to call us today so we can offer you free and confidential guidance.

Fractured ankle compensation claims could mean you receive these types of awards. For more details on the types of injuries we are able to help and support on with regards to broken ankle compensation please read on below.

An Ankle Injury Claim Should Be Taken Seriously

The importance of your ankle to your body should not be underestimated. It bears a significant amount of your body weight, providing you with stability as you move around. The problem with injuries to the ankle is that any breach in its integrity could have serious implications for your ability to walk, which can have serious consequences on how you live your life.

Ankle injuries, whether they are small sprains and twists or severe fractures and breakages, can be very painful and require an extended period of time to recover from, impeding your independence and ability to work. Ultimately, any impairment of your mobility can have a disastrous impact on you.

Unfortunately, your ankles are constantly vulnerable to damage. Injuries to the ankle can happen in the workplace, in public places or as a result of a road traffic accident – even a simple trip or stumble can be enough to cause the Achilles tendon in the ankle to suffer some degree of trauma.

Most ankle injuries stem from your being forced into an awkward position suddenly. Think of when you stumble on an uneven surface: your body expects to move in a particular way but because of the surface it is forced to adapt, straining your ankle. The same is also true where you slip on a wet floor, or trip over objects that should not have been in your way.

An ankle injury claim deserves the proper attention, and our no win no fee* solicitors will ensure that any client we work for stands the best chance of success when using the legal system to get the justice that they deserve.

Ankle Injury Compensation Types

Technically speaking, most kinds of ankle injury are capable of attracting some level of financial compensation if they were caused by someone else’s negligence. The most common types of ankle injury include:

  • Sprains – where the muscles and tendons that surround the bones in the ankle are overstretched. Sprains tend to be identifiable by a degree of pain and significant swelling around the ankle. While most sprains are relatively quick to heal, severe sprains can result in some of the ligaments being torn, requiring specialist medical attention to repair.
  • Fractures and Crushed Bones – these tend to be more painful than an ankle sprain. Their severity is indicated by the damage done to the ankle bone: a clean fracture of the ankle bone is painful but easier to repair, while a comminuted fracture – where the ankle bone is shattered to some extent – can be excruciating and will warrant a prolonged period of medical attention to repair.
  • Dislocation – as with the other injuries mentioned above, dislocation of the ankle is not an uncommon injury. It is where the bones that make up the ankle are forced apart. This, in turn, causes trauma to the surrounding tissue, e.g. muscles and tendons. Dislocation of your ankle is very painful and in severe cases, can take a long time to heal.

Ankle injuries, regardless of their gravity, are painful and could attract compensation. However, there is one caveat: the injury that you suffer to your ankle must have been caused by the actions or omissions of someone else. There are a variety of different examples of when an ankle injury compensation claim can be made, including:

  • Your employer fails to keep the work environment free of hazards, e.g. electrical wires trailing across the office floor causing you to trip and fall. Employers owe an obligation to protect their employees’ safety and could be required to compensation you for your injury; or,
  • Walking on an uneven surface that causes you to stumble and sprain/ twist your ankle. The local authority is responsible for maintaining all public spaces, and may be liable to make a compensation payment to you if they have not maintained the condition of pavements and roads.

Broken Ankle Injury Compensation Specialists

Our specialist personal injury lawyers have been involved in pursuing ankle injury compensation claims of varying degrees of severity for many years.

Our understanding of our clients’ need for pragmatic legal guidance means we deliver a service that places client at its heart. We don’t believe that online calculators should be used when assessing claims. That’s why we have also created this short page about our views on a sprained ankle compensation calculator.

Contact our team today to find out whether you can make a claim for your ankle injury and how we can help you get the best possible result.

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