Loss of Finger Compensation – How Much is Your Claim Worth?

If you have lost a finger whilst at work, or during an accident that was not your fault, then you could be due substantial finger loss compensation. Our solicitors work on a no win no fee* basis for all clients, and you can get started with a free phone consultation straight away.

To find out whether or not you qualify for loss of finger compensation please phone our helpline now. Our specialists will ask you a few simple questions about the circumstances surrounding the accident, and will then assign you a solicitor specialising in compensation for loss of finger cases to handle your claim.

How Much Compensation for Loss of Finger?

In truth there is no real right or wrong answer at this point as our solicitors will need to gather information about your injury in order to give an accurate estimate on what you could be due. Having said that, we are able to offer some rough guidelines as to what you might expect, based on historical loss of finger compensation claims around the UK over the last 5 years. You can see those figures and estimates displayed below:

As stated though, these numbers and compensation amounts are for guideline purposes only. We can only offer finger loss compensation amounts once our solicitors have gone through the process of:

  • Talking to you and gathering information
  • Looking at any relevant witness statements
  • Seeking medical records
  • Assessing lost wages or future earnings
  • Assessing any other associated financial implications

Why Choose Us for Loss of Finger Compensation?

We work with a nationwide panel of personal injury solicitors, and will always assign you the lawyer that we feel is most specialist to the specific claim type. So in this example when a potential client asks us how much compensation for losing a finger they could expect to receive, we will look to our lawyers for the ones with the most experience in these case types.

Having a specialist solicitor who has experience in your specific case could make the difference of thousands of pounds in compensation that you receive, so it’s essential that you call us as soon as possible so you can get started.

The Impact on Your Family and Working Life

For the majority of people who lose a finger, there’s no doubt that it will end up having a huge impact on their life. That’s why our solicitors will fight to ensure that you receive the maximum amount possible when it comes to claiming.

Our lawyers will firstly seek general damages for the client. This is compensation that is based on the seriousness of the lost finger injury. These amounts can be fairly rigid. However, there are some factors which can push up the amount of compensation that you could receive when making a finger loss compensation claim.

For example, you might also receive losses and expenses. These special damages relate to any financial losses that you have incurred as a result of the injury. If you work, and it is going to affect your employment prospects and future earnings, then this will come into play.

Our solicitors, when asked how much compensation for a loss of finger, will take all of this into account, both now and into the future, and seek damages and settlement amounts accordingly.

If you are concerned about the implications of making a claim against your current employer then please be assured that you are protected by UK law, and any payment amounts will be settled by an insurance company, not your place of work.

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If you have been affected and injured resulting in the loss of a finger, then compensation might not be that far away. Don’t accept any initial insurance company offers, instead seek the support of a solicitor who will maximise your compensation claim as far as possible.

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