Ankle Injury Compensation Calculator

We don’t believe in using online calculators to determine how much your ankle injury claim could be worth, and there’s a very good reason for that – every single personal injury claim is different, and your circumstances will dictate how much compensation you are owed.

You might use an ankle injury compensation calculator on another website and think that it’s not worth making an accident claim. But, how can an online ankle injury claims calculator really tell you what you could be owed?  There are so many different factors involved.

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Ankle Injury Compensation CalculatorWith that in mind, we would encourage you to call our Free phone number straight-away for a free consultation. With a few brief questions, our team will be able to quickly tell you whether or not you can make a claim, and how much compensation you could be due after an ankle injury.

We will assess your financial situation, any financial losses, time off work, and all the mitigating factors involved that could lead to you being given a larger settlement for your injuries than other rival websites might be able to promise with their ankle injury compensation calculator.

Our team our specialists in ankle injury compensation claims, and within a few quick moments can tell you whether or not you are eligible, and will assign a personal injury solicitor to your case on a no win no fee* basis.

Don’t settle for less.

Our telephone operators have years of experience and can offer the human touch. With years of experience in helping people in the UK make claims, and we treat everyone as an individual, not a number.

They can instead can assess your case on its individual merits, and then possibly put a higher value on it than you might see when using a website calculation tool.

Ankle Injury Settlements – Compensation Amounts

Depending on how serious your injury is, and the consequences of the incident, will depend on how much your broken ankle settlement is. It’s not just broken bones that will result in compensation settlements though, we can also help and support with sprains and crushing injuries.

The settlement amounts seen below should simply be viewed as rough guidelines and estimates. If you have a personal injury, you should seek the guidance of our specialists, who will assess your case on its merits.

  • Minor ankle fracture/injury: £8150
  • Moderate ankle fracture/injury: £7625 – £16000
  • Severe ankle fractures: £18300 – £30000

For more information on what a claim or settlement could be worth, please view our compensation amounts page for these types of injuries.

Workers Compensation Settlement for Broken Ankle

In many cases, you will have been hurt at work. We deal with hundreds of cases each year where employees have been hurt whilst working. We treat all calls with confidentiality and can assure all callers that any compensation will be paid for via your employer’s insurance policies.

Companies are also not permitted to discriminate against workers who have made claims. In short, you are protected by the law, and we can give you some information on that when you call for your free consultation today.

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