Broken Arm Compensation: How Much Are You Due?

Every claim that our solicitors handle regarding broken arms is different. The circumstances surrounding the accident and injury will always be different, including who was liable for the injury.

If you have suffered and believe you could be due broken arm compensation then please call our 24 hours a day helpline today, and talk to one of our claims specialists. You are under no obligation, will receive a free consultation, and we will represent you on a no win no fee* basis.

How Much Compensation for a Broken Arm?

Because evert broken arm settlement claim has a different backfground and circumstances, it’s not possible for us to give an exact online amount on what you could be owed in personal injury compensation.

However, UK law does offer some guidance on what you could expect. Below are some rough guidelines to compensation amounts regarding broken arms that you can see. For a better indication on what you could be owed, please call our helpline today where with a few simple questions we can tell you what your claim could be worth.

  • A minor break to the arm with a small amount of tissue damage is likely to warrant compensation between £5,000 and £15,000;
  • A significant fracture to the arm that requires on-going medical attention or disablement could attract between £15,000 and £46,000 in compensation; and
  • Very serious arm injuries that result in disfigurement or amputation and permanent disablement could attract anywhere between £74,000 and £225,000 or more in compensation.

Broken Arm Settlement Solicitors

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