I Hurt My Back at Work: Can I Claim and What Can I Do?

If you hurt you back whilst working and want to know whether or not you can make a personal injury claim, then in most cases the answer should be yes.

If you are wondering what you can do about it, and need quick and free legal guidance, then please call our 24 hours a day helpline. You are under no obligation to use our services, and should you decide to proceed, our solicitors all work on no win no fee* agreements.

Common questions that we get asked are:

  • I hurt my back at work what should I do?
  • I hurt my back at work can I sue?
  • I hurt my back at work, now what?

I Hurt My Back at Work What Should I Do Next?

The process of making a back injury claim at work should be started straight away as soon as the accident has happened. If your place of work has an official accident reporting book (which they should have by law) then make sure that the accident was recorded.

Next steps, after receiving any medical attention required, will be to contact one of our personal injury solicitors. We offer free phone consultations to all callers, and will help you to gather evidence, medical records, and any witness statements that are available. This process will help us in making a strong claim for compensation after a back injury whilst working.

Can I Sue My Employer?

Clients who call us and say that I hurt my back at work what should I do will typically have other questions that they need answering to put their mind at rest when considering whether to sue.

The following question and answer FAQs should help you make your mind up a little more as to whether to call us or not for your free consultation.

Will I Lose My Job if I Make a Personal Injury Claim?

This is by far the biggest question and fear that people have when talking to our solicitors. They are reluctant to get involved with the legal process if they believe it could result in their employment and work prospects being affected.

UK law states that employers cannot sack workers for asserting a statutory right, such as a personal injury claim. If you hurt your back at work and want to know what do I do, and if the company acted negligently or a third party was at fault, then you are able to claim with no ramifications to your employment status.

All calls into our team are 100% confidential, and we will inform you on whether we believe a compensation claim for a work-related back injury should be started. All employers are covered by insurance policies designed to pay out when workers are injured, so the company that you work for will not be out of pocket in terms of compensation being paid out.

Can I Claim Compensation for Loss of Earnings and Wages?

If your injury happened whilst at work and the accident was due to the negligence or fault of your employer, a customer, or co-worker, then you are well within your rights to make a claim for compensation.

Our solicitors work for clients on a no win no fee* basis and will look to recover lost wages as well as damages for pain and suffering, recuperation, rehabilitation and any related expenses.

How Will My Boss or Employer Pay for the Compensation Claim?

The biggest worry of people using our services is I hurt my back at work can I claim, and will that claim be paid for by my employer, and if so, how?

All businesses, even small ones, are required by law to have insurance policies to cover them for accident claims. This means if you make a claim then an insurance company, not your employer, will being paying out.

What You Need to Do Next

So, if you want to know what to do next, what you should do, whether you can claim or sue, then please call us today. We will help to calculate any back injury claim at work you might have, and give you free guidance on what to do next. You are under no obligation at all to use our services, and all calls are treated with the utmost confidentiality, so call today to get started.

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