Compensation for Amputated Finger Claims at Work or Public Places

Having a finger amputated in an accident can have devastating consequences for both your work and family life. The amount of compensation for amputated finger injuries will vary, and you can read more about what you could be owed further down the page.

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Finger Amputation Settlements – What You Could Be Owed

Each and every client that we represent will have a different case, background, and circumstances. Because of that it’s impossible to give an accurate estimate on how much compensation you could be due for an amputated finger or thumb without talking to you first.

However, there are some general guidelines based on previous UK claims that we have outlined below to give you an idea on what could be possible should you decide to use our personal injury solicitors.

  • Partial Finger Amputation Settlement Amounts: The amount of compensation that you receive will depend on which finger was amputated. For example, little fingers get less than index fingers. Typically, the claims amounts received will range from £2,500 to £13,500.
  • Compensation for an Amputated Finger (Whole): If you lose an entire finger then it will invariably lead to loss of function and capability in your hand. Workers or members of the public affected will of course have what would be viewed as a deformed hand as a result and so could be looking at between £5,500 and £65,000.

Workers Compensation for an Amputated Finger

The most likely scenarios where people suffer with an amputated finger is in the workplace. We specialize in worker’s compensation (amputated finger) cases and can support and assist you at this time.

You could work in manual labour environment, or even in an office. As an example we can supply the following case study where an office worker had a finger amputated and sought a compensation payout:

The office worker was a typist, and whilst at work, a nearby glass table shattered with a piece of glass severing the finger. Complete amputation in this case. The worker was eligible for worker’s compensation to cover medical bills, time off work, out of pocket expenses, as well as a large finger amputation settlement amount. Scenarios like this are more commonplace that you might think.

Concerned About Taking Legal Action Against Your Employer?

Many clients who approach us seeking to get accident at work compensation for an amputated finger have concerns about their future job prospects if taking legal action against their current employer.

These are valid concerns, but ones that can be allayed relatively swiftly when you call our helpline. This is because a) it’s illegal for a business or workplace to discriminate against workers who seek compensation for personal injury, and b) compensation payout amounts are settled by insurance companies – not the workplace.

If you still have concerns and questions about seeking compensation for an amputated finger after an accident at work then call us today and let us tell you exactly where you stand, and what the ramifications could potentially be. All calls are entirely confidential and free. You can read more about your rights as a worker after a loss of finger on this link here.

Compensation for Amputated Finger Claims – Your Work Status

Once your compensation claim is settled then you will be considered to have a permanent partial disability. This shouldn’t mean that you can no longer work, but it might mean that your employer has to allocate you to a different job function to the one that you had before.

Having said that, there are no guarantees that your employer will be able to find you an alternative role in the workplace. In cases such as this, where you job and career is at threat, then the finger amputation settlement will be adjusted accordingly.

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