Broken Finger Compensation: Claiming and How Much?

How much compensation for broken fingerFingers can be easily broken, and the effects can be very serious on a work and social life perspective. If you have suffered a broken finger or fractures to your fingers, and it wasn’t your fault then call us today for a free phone consultation.

Our no win no fee* solicitors specialise in broken finger compensation claims and can quickly tell you what your legal rights and and possibly what you could be due. Phone lines are open 24 hours a day so call now or send us a quick email instead.

How Much Compensation for a Broken Finger?

If you were involved in an accident resulting in a broken finger, and that accident wasn’t your fault, then there is every chance that you can make a successful personal injury claim.

In terms of how much compensation you could expect, then admittedly broken fingers and thumbs aren’t the highest value claims, but there could be still some compensation to be due, especially if the accident was the fault of a third party.

Every case that our solicitors handle are different, and the broken finger compensation will be set accordingly depending on those individual circumstances. So for example, was it just one finger, or multiple digits? Did you have time off work, expensive medical bills, and so on – all of this will be taken into account when settling an amount of money.

Below are some very rough guides as to how much compensation for a broken finger you could receive – although until we have spoken to you directly over the phone it is hard to give an exact estimate:

  • Finger fracture (one finger) – if you have a complete and successful recovery then you could be looking at between £2000 and £8000.
  • Serious fractures and breaks (several fingers) – If the injuries are long-lasting with no full recovery and permanent symptoms then it could be between £3,000 and £24,100.

Claiming Compensation for a Broken Finger

Claiming with Accident Claims UK is made very easy due to our friendly and diligent approach. In the first instance we ask that potential clients phone us on our helpline, at which point you will be in a call with one of our specialists.

They will ask you a few simple questions about your accident and how the broken finger happened, and based on that can quickly tell you whether or not you will be able to make a claim for broken finger compensation.

What we will be looking for is evidence that the injury was the cause of another person, third party, or your place of work (click here for work-place finger injuries). Once we can establish that this is the case, you will then be assigned a personal injury solicitor specialising in broken finger injury claims.

Your solicitor will manage the entire claim from start to finish for you, and will always work on a no win no fee agreement on your behalf – call now to get started.

How Did The Injury or Fracture Happen?

There are some very common accident types that tend to lead to finger injury claims. For example, it could happen at work, in a car accident, or even due to an assault.

If you have been affected and want to know how much compensation you could be due for a broken finger injury, then please call us as soon as you can for immediate legal guidance.

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