Hand Injury Compensation Amounts – How Much?

A hand injury can have a huge impact on the sufferer’s life and ability to work. Hand injuries are often the result of an industrial accident such as a machinery crush but damage to the hands, wrists or fingers can also be caused by a slip or fall. We actually represent many people seeking to receive hand injury workers compensation.

The consequences of a hand injury can be devastating. Someone who loses both hands may be unable to return to the job they did before their injury and may need professional care. Even less severe injuries to the fingers or thumbs can make life much more difficult.

When someone has suffered a hand injury that was not their fault, they will commonly ask, “how much compensation can I claim for my hand injury?”. Each hand injury, and the circumstances surrounding the accident is different, and there are many factors which contribute to a compensation award settlement amounts. These factors include: the severity of the hand injury, the impact on the sufferer’s work and social life, the pain experienced and the length of time take to recover.

The compensation guidelines listed below have been taken from Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases 13th ed., more commonly referred to as the JSB Guidelines. These guidelines are designed to give legal professionals an idea of how much compensation can be claimed for a particular injury.

These are for reference only as every personal injury case will be different. Contact our personal injury specialists today to find out how much compensation you may be able to claim.

How Much Compensation for a Hand Injury Claim?

The most severe hand injuries involve the total or effective loss of both hands. What follows are some rough guidelines relating to hand injury compensation amounts.

  • Compensation for hand injury could result in a compensation award between £107,000 – £153,200. The top of the bracket is applicable when no effective prosthesis can be used. Serious damage to both hands could be between £42,250 – £64,275.
  • Compensation for total or effective loss of one hand by crushing or amputation would be between £73,100 – £83,325. An injury that reduces the hand to 50 % capacity would be between £22,050 – £47,050.
  • Moderate injuries such as crush injuries, soft tissue damage, penetrating wounds and deep lacerations would be around £4,100 – £10,100.
  • A minor injury that is recovered from in a few months could result in compensation of between £700 – £3,300.
  • Compensation for a wrist injury that results in complete loss of function could be between £36,200 – £45,500. Very minor wrist injuries necessitating only plaster or bandage with full or virtual recovery in 12 months could lead to compensation of £2,675 – £3,600.
  • Hand injuries are often connected to the dangers of working in industry. Compensation for the most serious cases of Vibration White Finger (VWF) and Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) can be between £24,050 – £29,200. If there is only modest impact the award in likely to be £2,275 – £6,575.

Hand Injury Lawyers

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