How Much Compensation for a Head Injury Claim

A head injury is one of the most serious types of injuries you can have, and also the most varied in terms of damage an impact on your life. If you have been affected and want to know how much compensation for a head injury claim then read the information below from our lawyers, and please call us should you need any free guidance.

This page looks at the various levels of severity of these injury claim types and gives an indication of the compensation amounts that may be awarded for each type of head injury claim.

These amounts are taken from the JSB Guidelines used by courts to determine how much should be awarded for certain kinds of injuries. However, these amounts reflect awards for pain and suffering, not for any financial loss. Our solicitors can also help our clients win head injury compensation amounts for financial losses.

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Head Injury Compensation Payouts & Amounts

A minor head injury where very minor or no brain damage has occurred will attract around £1,675 – £9,700. The actual amount awarded will depend on your recovery time, the severity of the injury and whether any lasting damage has taken place.

If you head injury is more serious than is described above, for example, where you suffer from persisting problems such as poor concentration or memory, you may be awarded between £11,650 – £32,700. Under these circumstances you will have made a good recovery, take take part in normal social life and return to work.

The next level of severity is where your injury has a negative effect on memory and concentration, the sufferer’s ability to work is reduced, there is a small risk of epilepsy and very limited dependence on others. Depending on severity of these symptoms you should be awarded between £32,725 – £69,000.

Where there is a modest – moderate reduction in intellect, the sufferers ability to work is greatly reduced or removed, and there is some risk of epilepsy. The court will award average compensation for head injury of between £69,000 – £114,100 depending on the severity of the symptoms.

If the sufferer experiences a moderate – severe reduction in intellect, a change in personality, an effect on sight, speech, or other senses, significant risk of epilepsy and no prospect of employment, the amount awarded by the court would be head injury compensation payouts of between £114,100 – £166,500.

If the sufferer becomes substantially dependent on others as a result of their head injury, and required constant professional and other care. The recommend head injury claim amount to be awarded by a court is between £166,500 – £214, 350.

The most sever kinds of head injuries result in the sufferer having little or no ability to to follow basic commands, little, if any, evidence of meaningful response to environment, little or no language function, double incontinence and the need for full time nursing care. In these circumstances, the court may award compensation for head injury between £214,350 – £307,000 depending on severity.

Head Injury at Work Compensation

Workplace head injuries will be settled on similar figures shown above, the only difference being that your employer’s insurance company will most likely be liable for the payouts. Our solicitors will work with any insurance companies to ensure that our clients receive the maximum amounts that are possible according to UK law.

If you would like to know how much compensation for a head injury from an accident at work you could be eligible for, then please do contact us today. Our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors can quickly assess and discuss your case. We can then give you an estimation of how much you may be able to claim, including head injury at work compensation cases.

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