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At Accident Claims UK, we treat all clients as individuals. That’s why we don’t have an online knee injury claim calculator, and there’s a good reason for that. If you have suffered from a knee injury, then the compensation amounts available could vary drastically. Unless you get a qualified personal injury solicitor to qualify your claim, you could receive less compensation than you deserve.

We offer free phone consultations to all callers. By calling our 24/7 helpline you can get an immediate view and opinion on your compensation claim, and very quickly ascertain whether or not to let our no win no fee* solicitors proceed on your behalf.

Real Life Solicitors Giving Accurate Calculations

The best knee injury compensation calculator available is a real-life claims specialist solicitor, not an online tool that doesn’t know the background and circumstances of your accident. Call us today, so you can get real-life guidance on what you could be owed.

Don't Use a Knee Injury Compensation Calculator

Knee Injury Claim Calculator

Using an online knee compensation calculator could mean that you settle for second best and don’t receive the best legal representation, leading to the best outcome for any personal injury or accident claim that you make.

When you call us instead of using a knee injury settlement calculator you can be sure you are in good hands, with a team who will fight every step to help you receive the best possible outcome.

The Types of Knee Injury Claims We Help With

Calculate your personal injury claimInjuries to the knee can occur in a variety of ways, and our solicitors will ask you a few simple questions to ascertain what type of injury you sustained, as well as how it has affected your life – from a work and social perspective.

This information that we gather from you in your free phone call is essential in ensuring that the knee injury compensation amounts you receive are going to be adequate for your individual circumstances.

The types of claims and injuries that our specialist lawyers will help calculate and represent you on, include the following.

Breaks and fractures

The bones of your knee (also known as the patella) are very commonly injured. Any form of dislocation and fractures can result in long-term disability and mobility issues. These can result in very high claim settlements.

Cartilage injury and tears 

If you have suffered from a torn cartilage then you will probably be experiencing a lot of pain with movement. Whilst not as serious as a break, this injury type can still lead to time off work so compensation can be paid out.

Knee ligament injuries

Another common one for our claims team are ligament injuries. If you have a ruptured knee ligament then you will need surgery and will have a significant time off of work and should be compensated appropriately.

Knee Injury Compensation Calculator – How Much?

In the event that you do decide to use the services of our no win no fee* solicitors, then there are some very rough guidelines that we can provide in the absence of an online knee injury claim calculator.

  • Twists and painful bruising – £1,000 to £4,000
  • Severe twists – £4,200 to £10,000
  • Torn cartilage or knee dislocation – £10,000 to £19,000
  • Serious knee injuries – £19,000 to £70,000.

How to Start Your Knee Injury Claim Calculation for Compensation

The first thing that you should do is call our Freephone number. Our team is available 24 hours a day and our claims specialists or solicitors will ask you some questions in order to identify the severity and circumstances of your injury.

This information gathering phase will let us potentially place a value on your claim / settlement without the need to consult an automated knee injury compensation calculator.

With decades of experience in handling compensation claims of this type, our solicitors will help you through each and every step of the process explaining everything in plain English. We will build a solid case designed to help you secure the maximum settlement amount in compensation for your knee injury.

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