How Much Compensation for a Broken Leg?

A broken leg injury can not only be very painful, but can also greatly impact the way you live your life. This page outlines at the various types of leg injuries that you may suffer and gives a description of how much compensation may be awarded for each type of leg injury claim.

The sums stated have been quoted from the JSB Guidelines, used by personal injury courts to determine how much should be awarded for various kinds of injury. The amounts stated here describe awards for pain and suffering, not for any financial loss, and thus you may be awarded a larger sum than indicated.

How Much Compensation Will I Get for a Broken Leg?

If you have suffered a simple tibia or fibula fracture, or soft tissue injury, you may be awarded up to £9,000 depending on the severity of the injury and recovery time.

For simple femur fracture injuries, where the sufferer experiences no damage to articular surfaces, awards range from between £6,925 – £10,700.

Moderate injuries where the sufferer experiences incomplete fracture recovery or serious soft tissue injury awards range from £13,650 – £21,100. In this category, reasonable recovery has occurred or is expected, however the sufferer may be left with metal plate, limp, or with a defective gait.

Awards will be significantly larger where the sufferer experiences complicated fractures, multiple fractures or severe crushing. Under these circumstances awards range from £21,100 – £29,800. Where serious compound fractures, injuries to joints or ligaments which result in instability have occurred awards will range from £29,800 – £41,675.

For very serious injuries, where the sufferer experiences permanent mobility problems, the need for crutches or other mobility aid, awards will range from £41,675 – £64,275. Where the most serious injuries short of amputation have taken place, for example, extensive degloving of leg or gross shortening awards will range from between £73,150 – £103,205.

Awards for below knee amputation of one leg range from £74,475 – £101,075

Below knee amputation of both legs will attract awards of between £79,700 – £104,500.

Where the sufferer experiences above knee amputation of both legs, the courts are recommend to award £153,200 – £205,300. The actual amount awarded will depend on the severity of phantom pains, success of prosthetics, and also psychological problems experienced by the sufferer as a result of their injury.

If the suffer experiences loss of both legs as a result of an accident, appropriate when at least one leg lost above knee, courts will award £183,000 – £214,350 in compensation.

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