Shoulder Injury Compensation Calculator

Many people who suffer with shoulder injuries, in particular when it was due to an accident or activity that was not their fault, are not aware of the fact that they could be due personal injury compensation. At Accident Claims UK we are specialists in helping people to win compensation awards for their shoulder injuries. Call us now about our shoulder injury compensation calculator.

Let Us Calculate Your Shoulder Injury Claim – We don’t have an online shoulder injury claim calculator, instead we ask that you call us for a free consultation and no-obligation discussion where we can find out more about your injury, and give you guidance on how much a shoulder injury claim could be worth to you – we work on a no win no fee* agreement.

Shoulder Injury Claim Calculator Guidelines

As a rough guideline to calculating your shoulder injury claim compensation, and shoulder injury compensation amounts we have prepared the following information:

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Minor Shoulder Injuries: If you have been injured, perhaps at work, and the injury is fully healed and recovered from within a 12 month period then you could receive up to three and a half thousand pounds. If you find that the injury takes longer to recover from, perhaps up to two year period, then you could be looking at nearer six thousand pounds in compensation.

Serious Shoulder Injuries: In more serious cases, then our shoulder injury compensation calculator process will tend to look to win larger award amounts. Injuries can include aspects such a dislocations and brachial plexus damage.  You might have also heard of frozen shoulder.  This is where you can limited in movement and can last a longer period of time.  Personal injury awards will be typically larger in these cases, so call us for more information.

Shoulder Injury Claim Calculator - Areas of Injury
The different areas of injury then might lead to calculating a shoulder injury compensation claim. We can offer accurate estimates instead of using an online calculator.

For a professional medical overview of the different forms of shoulder injury and how they can manifest themselves, then we suggest looking at the NHS website.

Shoulder Injury Compensation Calculator: The Process

If your claim is deemed to be eligible for a compensation award, then our UK solicitors will talk to you about the pain and expenses that you have incurred.  They will be able to give you should injury claim calculator examples of how much you might receive depending on the severity of the incident.  You can click here to find out more about recent examples where we have won compensation for shoulder injury accidents.

Contact us today and to find out more about how we are different from shoulder injury compensation calculator websites – we will then quickly assess the amount of compensation you could be due for any personal injury claim.

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