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Car crashes, however minor, can have a significant impact on your life. Your injuries will likely have caused you to suffer some level of pain and discomfort that may well have forced you to make some changes. If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you need a team of expert car accident lawyers to help you find out if you are entitled to financial compensation.

In line with FCA Regulations, you are entitled – if you fulfil the necessary criteria – to make a claim for injury arising from a motor accident in the UK to the Claims Portal. You do not need to instruct a solicitor and can submit a claim free of charge. Our panel solicitors will charge a fee for providing advice and submitting your claim. This fee may be up to 25% of the claim value plus VAT. We will be able to inform you in more detail when you enquire on 01252354433^.

Car Accident Lawyers – No Win No Fee

At Accident Claims UK, we work with our clients to build a robust claim for financial compensation that reflects the gravity of injuries sustained in road traffic accidents. Our expert team of car accident lawyers** are some of the leaders in their field and will be able to provide you with practical legal guidance on making a strong claim.

Working on a no win on fee* basis means that you have the peace of mind of knowing that you don’t have to pay any expensive legal fees in order to start a claim. Your specially appointed car accident lawyer only gets paid if they win your case – and it’s worth noting that we only take on claims where we feel they stand a high chance of success.

Car Accident Solicitors and Lawyers

Car Accident Solicitors – Injury & Loss Experts

If you use the UK’s roads, either as a driver or passenger, then you will undoubtedly be familiar with the Highway Code and how it informs the way people conduct themselves on the road.

There are, however, other rules that apply to drivers, specifically their legal duty to have consideration for their fellow road users. In the UK, drivers owe a general obligation to other road users, as well as pedestrians, not to do anything – or fail to do anything – that is likely to cause someone else to suffer an injury.

This is sometimes described as their ‘duty of care’. If they fail to observe this duty, and you suffer an injury as a result, then you may be able to make a compensation claim.

To stand the best chance of success, in particular where insurance companies will do their best to pay out the minimum amounts, we would always suggest that you consult with specialist car crash lawyers**. They will fight every step of the way to ensure that you are adequately represented.

Our Car Accident Solicitors Will Seek Maximum Compensation

In order to secure financial compensation for your car accident injuries, your claim needs to be able to show that: a car driver owed you a duty of care; the duty of care owed to you was breached; and, this breach caused your injuries. Our car accident lawyers can help you to ensure that you receive the maximum amounts possible for both financial losses and your injury.

In the context of road traffic accidents, it is generally understood that drivers owe one another a duty of care as a matter of law, so there should be little difficulty in proving this. Demonstrating a breach of the duty of care can, however, be more challenging and will require the use of evidence, such as photographs and supporting witness testimony relating to the accident.

The last hurdle for any compensation claim is often the most difficult. You need to be able to prove that your injuries have been caused as a result of a breach of the duty owed to you. This will largely depend on the facts of your accident, but will also be supported by medical examination of your injuries.

Our car accident claims solicitors only take on cases where we believe there is a solid case. In order to find out whether you can claim, and even how much you could be owed, then please call our helpline number today, so you can take advantage of our free consultation.

No Win No Fee Solicitors & Car Accident Lawyers

It should be pointed out that the kinds of injuries that are capable of being inflicted on you in a car accident could be significant. These range from minor sprains to muscles or whiplash, through to broken bones, spinal injuries and even – in very severe cases – death.

The fact is that if you are injured in a road accident or crash, your life may be affected as a result. You may even find that you are forced to withdraw from working for a period of time in order to recover. You may need to secure specialist medical attention in order to address your injuries. These will mean  that you will suffer financially in order to address injuries caused by someone else.

The legal process is fairly easy to understand. It simply needs to be demonstrated that your injuries are the result of someone else driving in a way that caused you to suffer injury, where you should have been perfectly safe had they conducted themselves properly.

The challenge of the legal process is in piecing together evidence to support your argument, and presenting it in a way that strengthens your claim.

At Accident Claims UK, our car accident claim solicitors can use their considerable knowledge and experience to do this for you – and all on a no win, no fee* basis.

What Can I Claim Compensation For?

Your claim will be constructed to cover all aspects of your injuries. You are entitled to claim compensation, not only for the pain and suffering you have endured by being injured in a car accident, but also the financial loss this may have caused.

This could be damage to your car (if you were driving at the time of the accident), loss of income you have suffered through being off work in order to recover from your injuries; and any special arrangements you have had to make in order to recover from your injuries.

The point of any compensation claim is to try and make-up (as far as is possible) for the fact that you had been involved in a road incident in the first place. So if you need a lawyer for car accidents then please get in touch with us as soon as possible rather than taking the first offer you receive from an insurance company.

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Accident Claims UK is a leading provider of personal injury legal guidance and representation to people who have been injured in car accidents in the UK.

When you choose to instruct a car accident lawyer via our team, you will benefit from specialists in the field who routinely deal with claims for compensation of varying levels of complexity. We believe we have some of the best car accident lawyers in the country, and our customer reviews back up that claim.

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We also offer a comprehensive service: our team will handle your claim in its entirety and will keep you updated on any and all developments as they take place. You can rest assured that our aim is to secure the highest level of compensation to reflect your circumstances.

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