How to Make an Accident Injury Claim

If you are unsure about whether you might be able to make an accident injury claim, then please read our guide below as to what qualifies. Once you have read this, then please call our helpline and hotline on the 01252354433^ for free and impartial confidential guidance on how much compensation you could be. We work on a no win no fee* basis. We also have another guide which details exactly our process: click here to read our guide to making a claim.

What Qualifies for an Accident Injury Claim?

In very simple terms, any form of personal injury can include the following:

  • Any form of physical injury
  • Illness or disease
  • Psychological / mental trauma, illness, or injuries
  • Death can also result from personal injury

Typical & Common Accident Injury Claims

Please note that the list below is not exhaustive. An accident and injury claim can be made for any form of injury where a person has been hurt either physically or mentally.

What to Consider Before Making Accident Injury Claims

If you calling us on behalf of yourself or someone else, then please consider some of the following questions before you start the claims process – if you know the answers to these questions then it will make the whole process a lot quicker when you phone us.

  • Are you wanting to make a complaint against a third party that was responsible for the accident injury claim?
  • Are you looking to claim for a compensation pay out to compensate for losses due to the injury?
  • Do you have any money problems due to the accident and injury?
  • Will you need support and counseling as a result of the accident?

By having answers to these questions to hand, it will make the process a lot quicker when we look to assess your accident and injury claim. Don’t worry too much if you can’t yet – our experts are fully trained to help you and are very friendly and patient.

Things to Remember After an Accident

We completely understand that if you have been involved in an accident, you might not always be able to focus on the practical side of things. There are some actions you can take though which will mean that you stand a higher chance of success when it comes to making accident injury claims – especially when it a non-fault accident and injury claim. Here is our list of important things to remember.

  1. Make sure that the police and ambulance have been called, especially if an injury has occurred
  2. If it was a road traffic accident then call your insurance company and inform them immediately.
  3. Even if it is a small injury, tell you doctor so that the accident is on record for your accident injury claim
  4. Collect as much evidence including photographs, as well as details of witnesses

Accident Injury Claim Compensation

We work on a no win no fee* basis and can help you to claim two separate forms of compensation claims. If you have sustained a personal injury you may be able to claim two types of compensation, general damages and special damages.

Accident Injury Claim

General Damages Compensation

General damages are paid out to compensate for injuries, suffering, pain, plus also include financial aspects – for example any loss of wages in the future. The UK courts will make the decision on how much compensation should be awarded in the general damages category, unless the case is settled outside of court which is more common when making an accident injury claim in the UK.

Special Damages Compensation

Special damages are the compensation received during the legal process. So for example, if you are incurring costs before the final verdict of the accident injury claim has been announced, then these are referred to as special damages. They can include items such as travel costs, treatment and medical costs, and expenses such as car hires. These can be very important because you might be out of work whilst the accident claim is being processed. We can help you to get these payments up front in advance of your accident claim verdict.

What To Do Next?

Call us today on 01252354433^ for a no-obligation and free consultation about your claim for accident and injury. Our expert solicitors and accident injury claim lawyers can tell you every quickly whether or not you will be able to claim for compensation. All of our services operate on a no win no fee* agreement so don’t worry if you don’t have any money to pay for legal expenses.

Outside of us helping you with your claim for accident and injury, there are some very good support groups that can help people in terms of rehabilitation and counseling. We’ve linked to a few select charities and organisations below that offer excellent support services.

Accident and Injury Claims

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