How Much Compensation for an Arm Injury Claim

As well as causing a great deal of pain, an arm injury can have a severe impact upon your enjoyment of everyday life. An arm injury can affect your ability to work and may even result in you being unable to return to the work you did before your injury. Everyday tasks such as driving can become difficult, and you may need to make significant adjustments to your life.

Common arm injuries can range from a simple fracture to a laceration or scarring. More moderate, but my no means less serious arm injuries can result in broken arm bones. In the most extreme cases, an arm injury can result in amputation. Arm injuries can be caused by an accident at work such as a machinery fault. An arm injury can also be the result of a bad trip or fall.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim for an Arm Injury?

When someone has suffered an arm injury that was not their fault, they often wonder “how much compensation can I claim for an arm injury?” The figures listed below have been taken from the latest Judicial Studies Board (JSB) Guidelines which give legal professionals a guide to how much compensation might be awarded for a personal injury. These figures are only for pain and suffering and do not reflect loss of earnings or other factors that may be specific to your case. Contact us today to discuss how much you might be able to claim in compensation.

  • For the most severe arm injury resulting in the loss of both arms, the compensation level would be between £183,000 – £228,000.
  • If one arm is lost, the compensation should be not less than £104,250 if the arm is lost at the shoulder. Above elbow amputations would be between £83,325 – £99,500.
  • A severe arm injury that fell short of amputation, e.g. a serious brachial plexus injury or broken arm, would be expected to be between £73,100 – £99,500.
  • If an arm injury results in permanent disablement, the compensation would be £29,800 – £45,500.
  • For a less severe injury where there is a disability, but there is a substantial degree of recovery expected, the award could be between £14,600 – £29,800.
  • A simple arm fracture would result in an award of £5,000 – £14,600.
  • A severely disabling elbow injury would be between £29,800 – £41,675.
  • A less severe elbow injury which results in impairment of function but not involving major surgery or significant disability would be between £11,900 – £24,350.
  • A moderate or minor injury could be up to £9,575. Most injuries will fall into this category e.g. tennis elbow. This bracket covers cases with no permanent damage or impairment of function.

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