Hurt Back at Work Compensation from Falling or Lifting

Our solicitors are specialists in helping people in the UK who have hurt their back whilst working. We operate on a no win no fee* agreement, and offer free and confidential phone calls to all callers who need to know what they should do next.

Claiming compensation for a back that has been injured at work with Accident Claims UK is very easy. We take care of all the paperwork, legal jargon, correspondence, and insurance companies so that you can take the time to recover.

Because we work on no win no fee* there is no financial risk to using our services, and you can be assured that every free call into us is completely confidential. Call today for guidance if you fell at work and hurt your back, suffered a slip, were injured lifting, manual handling, or were injured in any circumstances concerning your back and spine.

All of our solicitors have many years of experience in handling back injury claims that involve or relate to hurting your back at work after:

Hurting Your Back at Work – Can I Claim?

Companies in the UK will need to adhere to strict health and safety legislation and should train you in order to reduce the chances of work related injuries. However, that doesn’t’ rule out the chance of hurting your back at work, and when this happens, workers are covered by the law in order to claim compensation.

In order to claim, please make sure that you first receive medical attention. Also make sure that the accident was recorded in the work accidents report book at your place of employment.

Once those essential items are complete, you need to talk to a personal injury solicitor, specialising in hurt back at work compensation. Our phone lines are open 24 horus a day and 7 days a week.

If you call us we will treat your call with confidentiality and tell you what your rights are as a worker who has hurt their back at work. With a few simple questions we will be able to quickly tell you whether or not you can claim compensation.

I Fell At Work at Hurt My Back – Can I Claim?

All workers are protected by UK law against injury in the workplace. If you fell at work and hurt your back, then compensation is a probably outcome. You should be eligible to claim for pain, suffering, loss or wages, and any other related expenses without any risk of losing your job.

Our solicitors have put together a guide for employees who hurt their back at work and want to seek compensation.  If you are worried about the consequences and ramifications of making a back injury claim at work after a fall then please read the information presented in the link above relating to common questions.

I Hurt My Back at Work Lifting – Can I Claim?

One of the more common questions we get from clients asking about making compensation claims for work-based back injuries is where they say “I hurt my back by heaving lifting at work, am I able to make a manual handling compensation claim?”.

In most cases, our solicitors will answer yes to this question. All employers in the UK are required by law to protect their workers from injury and to provide a safe and secure working environment.

If the work you do involves lifting and heavy lifting then you should be adequately trained and be given the correct clothing and equipment in order to do your job safely with reduced risk of hurting your back at work.

If you hurt your back at work lifting and did not know the correct procedures and methods in which to lift heavy object safely (manual handling training) then there could be a possible compensation claim.

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