Loss of Index Finger Compensation

Recent surveys have discovered that the index finger is the main digit that gets injured over any other. Even though the accidents involved can be quite trivial and simple by nature, the loss of an index finger can lead to severe consequences for your working life, and daily tasks.

Loss of Index Finger CompensationIn terms of loss of index finger compensation amounts and awards it will result in the most. For example, if you lost a little finger, then the compensation amounts will be far less than that offered for the index digit, given the importance it has for hand and function movements.

As a general guide, the compensation amounts awarded for the loss of an index finger can range between £2,500 and £13,500 – with the higher amounts being claimed in most cases.

Loss of Index Finger Compensation Example

Below is an example of where an office worker lost their index finger, including the circumstances of the accident.

Jane is a left-handed typist working for an insurance company.

Her role means that she has to be very accurate and fast whilst typing customer information that comes through on the telephone.

At work one day a table collapsed, catching her index finger, and completely severing it.

The loss of her index finger meant that she was no longer able to work as a typist.

Because of this, she was awarded a large compensation amount for pain and suffering, loss of wages, and future earnings.

This is a typical scenario often seen where someone loses a finger of this importance, in particular when it is so relevant to their employment.

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