Compensation for Loss of a Finger at Work

compensation for loss of finger at workIf you have had an accident at work and lost a finger, or even broken one, then it’s very possible that with our solicitors help you could claim compensation for losing a finger at work.

We are able to help and support you on a no win no fee* basis, and also offer free phone consultations to all callers. The qualifying criteria for claiming after the loss of a finger at work will typically involve responsibility. In other words, if the accident happened at work and you were not entirely at fault, then you might be able to make a claim.

How Much Compensation for Losing a Finger at Work?

The loss or amputation of a finger whilst working can have very serious affects, not just for your working life, but also your personal and social.

As such insurance companies and personal injury solicitors take cases such as these very seriously and the payouts can reflect that in their size. It’s not unusual for workers and employees to receive compensation awards for finger amputation in the range of £5,500 all the way up to £65,000.

Compensation for a Broken Finger at Work

If you have broken a finger at work then you are able to claim for compensation. Many clients have asked us “can I claim compensation for a broken finger at work” and the resounding answer is always a yes.

The compensation amounts possible after breaking a finger at work can range from £1,700 to £3,400 for fractures and breaks where you make a full recovery inside of 12 months. If you have suffered a more serious injury then compensation for a broken finger at work could be anywhere up to £11,700.

Claims such as this will typically include scenarios where the employee suffers permanent stiffness and a loss of dexterity in the hand. Please follow our guidance below as to what you should do in order to maximise the success of any work-related broken finger personal injury claim.

What You Should Do in the Event of an Accident

All personal injuries that happen in the workplace should first result in you seeking medical attention immediately. This will also be the main supporting evidence in making a broken finger claim, or a claim after the loss of a finger as our solicitors will need supporting medical evidence.

After you have received medical treatment for a finger injury then your employer should ensure that the accident has been recorded not only in their records, but also with the doctor.

Workplaces in the UK are required by law to have Accident Report Books where any events such as this will be logged and recorded. It should have an account of exactly what happened, when it happened, and how it happened.

Workers Compensation for Loss of Finger – How to Claim

We make the process as simple and as easy as possible. With one phone call into our team you can speak to an expert who will quickly assess your case with a few straight-forward questions.

Once we know what happened to you, we will be able to tell you whether you have a case that one of our solicitors can proceed with for you. If you agree and wish for us to work on a no win no fee* agreement for you, then your assigned solicitor will then represent you.

We are one of the leading claims companies in the UK for cases of compensation after the loss of a finger at work, including breaks and broken bones.

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