Compensation for Neck Injuries from Car Accidents

Passengers and drivers involved in RTAs and car crashes, even just small prangs and bumps, can suffer from neck injuries. Your head will be thrown violently backwards and forwards which can have a serious impact on neck muscles, the cervical spine, and your back.

If you have suffered a neck injury after a car accident, and wish to discuss how much compensation you could be owed, then our solicitors have the knowledge and experience to help maximise the claim amounts.

How to Claim Compensation for Neck Injury in a Car Accident

neck injury from car accident compensationWe work on a simple premise. If you call our 24/7 helpline one of our claims specialists will ask you some simple questions about the accident. Based on that they will be able to tell you whether or not you can claim for compensation for neck injury in a car accident.

You will then be assigned a personal injury solicitor to manage the case for you. We always recommend that you don’t take the first offer that insurance companies offer. Our lawyers specialise in recovering settlement amounts that aim to be larger. We also work on a no win no fee* agreement so you don’t have any financial risks.

Neck Injury from Car Accident: Compensation Amounts

There are many different elements which go into deciding how much compensation you could be due after a neck injury sustained in a car or road accident. Our no win no fee* solicitors always look to seek successful personal injury settlements for both pain and suffering, as well as any out of pocket expenses incurred.

This can include items such as loss of earnings, loss of wages, medical expenses, travel expenses, and anything really that we can directly relate back to the neck injuries that occurred during the car crash or prang.

The amount of car accident neck injury compensation you could be eligible for with our help is hard to say without having spoken to you over the phone – you can can call now for a free phone consultation, with no obligation to use our services.

How much compensation you will receive after a neck injury in a car accident will typically fall inside of the following guidelines:

  • Whiplash where you recover inside 12 months – Up to £2,850
  • Whiplash where you recover inside 2 years – Up to £5,150
  • Moderate neck injuries – Up to £16,400
  • Fractures, breaks, and dislocation – Up to £21,600
  • Ruptured tendons – Up to £36,000
  • Permanent disability and paralysis – Into the £100,000s

Please note, not all victims of a neck injury after a road accident will experience pain and symptoms immediately. In fact, it can sometimes be weeks until pain and discomfort sets in. That is why our personal injury solicitors always recommend that you seek medical attention straight away.

Experts in Compensation for Neck Injuries from Car Accidents

We know how worrying it can be to injure or hurt your neck after a car accident. Even if you only suffer from slight or minor injuries, your day to day life can be adversely affected.

The most common personal injury claim that we handle for our clients, both drivers and passengers, is whiplash. Other claims we have recently handled also relate to neck fractures, spinal injuries, and dislocations.

Our no win no fee* solicitors have over a decade of experience in helping people like you to receive the justice that they deserve after a road accident or car crash, and always fight tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the top compensation amounts for neck injury.

The solicitor that we assign to you will obtain medical reports, witness statements, expense receipts, and more in order to accurately give an estimate on how much compensation your car accident neck injury claim could be worth.

We want you to be recovered as soon as possible, and to not have to suffer financially for the accident. Call us today for your free phone consultation and find out how we can help you and your family get justice from the UK legal system.

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