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Accident Claims UK Advice:
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Call us for no-obligation accident claims advice about an injury you have suffered through no fault of your own. All of our personal injury solicitors work on a no win no fee* basis. Lines open 24 hours a day all year round.

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“We are your trusted partner for advice and legal recommendations. We offer a no obligation free discussion over the telephone via our accident advice call centre. We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and can offer you a free consultation from one of our experts, with a quick decision on whether or not you can claim for a personal injury. To get started simply call our Freephone telephone number, or complete the form for an instant call back. We work on a no win no fee* agreement meaning it’s never been easier for you.


If you want injury claims advice from one of the UK’s leading specialists and experts then please don’t delay and call us today.  The sooner that you pick the phone and talk to us, then the sooner we can work through your claim and get to a happy conclusion for all parties. We are a long-established UK firm who provide excellent results and customer service.


We partner with the best UK personal injury solicitors** who have years of experience.  Our panel of solicitors have the highest qualifications, abide to the government’s regulations, and also (and quite importantly) are people persons.  In other words, they are compassionate about your situation and work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the maximum settlement that you deserve.


Our panel of solicitors work on a no win no fee* basis meaning you have a far reduced financial risk. All you have to do is call our 24/7 phoneline, tell us  little bit about what happened, and we can guide you through the process in no time at all and then tell you whether or not you can claim for injury.

Trust Our Accident Claims Advice

With years of experience in the industry, we are renowned as being one of the leading companies.  Our UK call centre is staffed by understanding and friendly legal specialists who will be very quickly able to tell you whether or not you can claim for compensation.

The process is very simple.  Just follow these guidelines and let us help you in your rehabilitation and recovery from personal injury.

(1) Telephone us today with details of your claim.

(2) Our specialists will quickly tell you if there is a case to answer.

(3) If we believe you can proceed with the case then we will need more details.

(4) Once we have more details we will then assign you a local personal injury solicitor.

During the process e will need additional details such as witness statements, records of expenses, information on loss of earnings, days of work, and any other supporting information that can help us to win the maximum pay out for you.

Who Can Make an Accident Claim?

Absolutely anyone who has been injured in an accident that was not their fault is able to make a claim for accident or injury.

As long as you commence proceedings within three years of the incident happening then it’s possible to pursue compensation either outside or inside of court with our assistance.

The only exceptions to this rule are if you were under 21 at time of the accident, or if the injury occurred due to industrial disease (with asbestos poisoning being an example) – in these cases you have a longer time period within which to make a claim using our services.

In basic terms, if you have been unfortunate enough to have been injured, become ill, or contracted a disease due to a third party’s fault or negligence then you qualify to make a claim for compensation.

How Much Accident Injury Claim Compensation Will You Receive?

We cannot say for sure how much money you will receive in the UK, until we have assessed your case via with one of our solicitors.  A lawyer will be assigned to you by one of our experts – you will speak to them first once you call our helpline and hotline number (or if you request a call back when completing the form).

We will ask you a set of questions about the circumstances behind your accident injury claim, and more details on the person who was injured.

You might have been told by friends, or seen misinformation on the Internet which sets out specific compensation awards depending on the severity and type.  There are never set amounts and every single compensation case is entirely different – there are no standard amounts.  All phone calls and enquiries are assessed on an individual case by case basis.

Who Can We Help?

If you have been injured and want to proceed then our specialists can help you… on the proviso that the incident was not your fault.

Our helpline is dedicated to helping UK residents to get the best legal advice possible, and to win the maximum amount of personal injury compensation that they deserve.

We work with the leading solicitors in the UK and help clients every day with legal advice.  Visitors to our website wanting to make claims for accidents typically might have been injured in the following scenarios or need this type of advice on:

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We Deal With all Forms of Accident & Injury

If you browse our website you find details on virtually every single type of accident injury.  No matter what the circumstance, where it happened, how it happened, or your own personal circumstances, we are here to help you to make an accident claim where you need to seek personal injury compensation or accident advice.We are here to help and we’ve detailed the processes involved behind the major claim types below:

RTA Compensation

Car Accidents

Work Injury Claims

Industrial Injury

Industrial Disease

Industrial Deafness










Slips, Trips & Falls

Head Injuries

Brain Injury







Road Traffic Accident Claims

The bulk of UK claims online that we process are due to car crash claims.  People wanting to claim for an accident involving a car or road traffic incident should by law be covered with an insurance policy.  You will probably be very familiar with fully comprehensive insurance, third party fire and theft, or third party only.

Because of the stringent insurance laws in the United Kingdom, people are automatically protected if they are involved in a crash or other type of accident.  If this results in personal injury because of another driver’s negligence then it’s very common for a claimant to pursue advice – even if no police arrests have taken place.  Even of the third party was an un-insured driver, it’s still possible to make an accident claim via our specialist team.

Car Crash Claims Where You Are the Driver

UK drivers are able to take advantage of services such as ours, so long as they were not at fault for the accident.  If another driver was negligent then this is a very common route into making an accident legal claim.  It’s not always about other drivers though; other examples of our customers claiming for an accident include negligence from non-drivers for example local councils who have not gritted roads, or have left potholes in the road surface.  In these cases we have successfully sued authorities for negligence and won compensation awards for our clients.

Further examples of successful accidents claims advice include incidents involved other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.  Despite the fact that these people will not have sufficient insurance we have still successfully won personal injury compensation claims.

Accident at Work Compensation

Being injured in the workplace can be a very stressful time.  Not only are you in a position where you have been hurt, but there is also the uncertainty over how your relationship with your employer will be maintained during this period.  We will help you every step of the way with our expert and specialist accident claims advice, from telling you how much compensation you are due for an injury, through to rehabilitation, loss of earning compensation, and details on how to manage the relationship with your employer and their legal team.

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